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One of my favorite things to do is help other bloggers build and grow their sites, and get as much out of it as they can like I’ve been fortunate to do over the years :)

My baby (budgets are sexy) has gone from a part-time hobby to a full-time “real” job within three years, and now here we are three years after that with over 6 million page views, thousands of comments and subscribers, and a heap of media mentions. Not to mention a handful of close new friends that I’ve met both online and off throughout the years. It just goes to show that blogging can be so much more than a bunch of words on a site if you really pour your heart into it all. That’s the best part about the blogging world – the opportunities are endless!

If you like my style and want some help growing your blog or other online project, just give a shout. Here are a few things I can help you with, and are good for you to think about either way:

  • Branding (how do you want to be known in your niche?)
  • Strategy (what do you want to *get out* of blogging?)
  • Planning (what are your goals for this month? this year?)
  • Marketing (how are you grabbing eyeballs?)
  • Social Media (how are you engaging your audience?)
  • Monetization (how do you want to make money? ads? writing?)
  • Design (how easy is it to navigate your site? how pleasing is it on the eyes?)
  • And pretty much anything else relating to blogging and growing a business…

Some of my clients like to chat once a week to help keep them on track, and others simply ping me as the guidance is needed over time or when new projects/ideas come up. Whether be it on phone, Skype, email, or even text message. Whatever people are most comfortable with really – I’m flexible :) And we usually schedule things in one hour time chunks too, though other options are also available.

The main thing to keep in mind is that I only take on bloggers who I think I can really offer value to. So don’t take offense if I turn down a project where you’re already rockin’ it ;)

Here are what a few of my clients have said:

“I recently reached out to J. Money for coaching to help take my blogging/ business to the next level. What I got was more than coaching. I gained a friend. You see, Mr. J. Money is a fiercely-focused blogger with a heart and a knack for coaching bloggers who are serious about building their business. He is curious about what makes you tick and can help you get to the “why” of what you are trying to achieve through your work. He was able to assess my site in minutes as we talked and offer dozens of tweaks that would help drive traffic, gain readers, promote my products and push me to new levels. Over the course of several coaching calls, I implemented the changes he suggested and I saw immediate improvement. I have more work to do, but I now count J as my top advisor and thank my lucky stars he agreed to work with me.”

Ree Klein,

“Having a mentor is important in many occupations and blogging is no exception; having J$ on my side is a blogger’s dream. He is competent, helpful, interesting, fun and so incredibly nice. Most of all, his gentle but firm support and experience yield results: when I hired J$ The Money Principle was a small blog with faithful but limited following and reputation, mainly amongst connoisseurs. This is history: The Money Principle has been re-vamped, I have gained the confidence to reach out to some of the top personal finance blogs and we have grown substantially. My RSS subscribers have increased fourfold, e-mail subscriptions are going up and daily visits have increased three times. My hat off to you, J$ and thanks!”

Maria Nedeva, Owner & Mistress Supreme of

“In my first 15 minutes working with J, I received incredible feedback on my blog design from where to position content for maximum impact and how to create “power pages” to anchor my content in search engines and generate clicks. In my first hour with him, he helped me develop a direction for my project and create a personal road map to the goals I have for it. I’ve had several coaching session with J. since then, and my blog subscribers have nearly doubled. I really couldn’t be happier! This man oozes creativity, and the best part about working with J is how incredibly fun and engaging he is during the entire coaching process. His tips on generating income, improving content, and networking with other bloggers comes from experience, and I highly recommend his services to any serious blogger looking for help reaching his or her goals.”


“J. was such a master at helping me hone in on my core message. He also really helped me find the courage to just be myself, which I think is so important when representing yourself online. He is a ninja when it comes to making money blogging and I found that incredibly valuable. When you are building a blog as a business, it helps A LOT to know your monetization plan up front and I could not have asked for a better teacher on this. You rock J$!”

Agatha K.,

“Working with J$ on my blog has been educational and inspirational. He has such an impressive understanding of of what makes a good blog, from content to promotion, from design to the nuts and bolts. He gets excited about your project in a way that is infectious and is willing to share his creativity, resulting in actionable steps you can take to improve your blog. After every conversation I was inspired to go out and conquer the blogging world!”


“J. Money is one of the hottest personal finance bloggers on the scene. I’ve been following his blog for awhile now and I was excited to have him as a mentor. His suggestions and positive outlook had an immediate impact on my traffic. I gained a great deal of insight working with him and learned that there are many ways to get results.  I can’t emphasize enough how good this guy really is. He also breaks all of the myths about anonymous bloggers which is proven through his success. He is the future of personal finance blogs that are entertaining and informative.”


“J. Money was a fantastic mentor who helped me improve my site quickly. He helped me figure out what to prioritize given my goals and the fact that time is always limited. He gave me good, actionable, and specific ideas on ways to improve the site. He also challenged me – in a supportive way – to do things in new and better ways. I haven’t even done everything that I learned about during the process, but I made numerous substantial improvements while we were working together, and I have a clear understanding of what to do going forward. What’s more, J. Money is a good guy and a pleasure to work with.”


And some kind words my biz partner, Nate St. Pierre, and I have received after tag teaming on a few calls together (he’s always up for jumping in where it makes sense):

“Here’s the thing about blog consulting–you can literally find hundreds of people who are willing (and eager) to let you pay them for their advice. But after my experience working with Nate & Jay, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you’d be silly to look elsewhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned web veteran or a beginning blogger who is struggling to define your next steps, you’ll benefit from the unique combination of positive, realistic, and critical feedback you’ll receive from these two. Whether it’s the motivation you need to take the next big step or the kick in the pants to get your head on straight, Nate & Jay deliver a one-two punch that is unrivaled.”


“After talking to Nate and Jay, we decided to be more engaging and interactive on our social media platforms instead of primarily relying on automatic posts. Our new goal is to be personal, share stories and talk about philanthropy from both a general and corporate perspective. This will work to boost our position as a thought leader in the space. Working with them helped us bring all of our ideas together and pinpoint the focus for our blog and social media efforts.”

Patty Huber, Groupon Grassroots

“Nate and Jay are the perfect team. With the experience and know-how behind them to answer any question, they did a great job of exploring my options with me and helping me brainstorm several routes to take rather than simply telling me to “do it this way.” I’ve talked to coaches before, but they’ve all sounded stiff, scripted, and more interested in pitching their own methods than helping me realize my best path. I could tell from the start that Nate and Jay were on my side and eager to incorporate my input and concerns. Talking to them was like pow-wowing with two good friends who also happened to be great mentors. I’d pay money to talk to them, period, since they’re two of the coolest guys on the block. Getting a great kickstart for the next journey in my writing career was an added bonus. I’d recommend them to anyone and will definitely be picking their brains again!”

Kelly Gurnett, Cordelia Calls It Quits

Questions? Comments? Rates?

Tell me a little about your project/blog below and we’ll go from there :) We usually start with a (free) 20 min call before starting anything, just to make sure we’re aligned and I’m a good fit for what you’re looking for. When I’m not, I’m happy to refer you to a friend.

Either way, I wish you tons of success and hope you get as much out of blogging as I have over the years. Be yourself and don’t look back!

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