Award winning personal finance blogger, fintech consultant, and daddy x3. With over a decade of building communities online, Jay’s projects have reached over 30 million views and are regularly featured in the media. An avid coin collector, money experimenter, and hip-hop fan, he loves connecting the online world with the “real” world and feels blessed he gets to do this stuff for a living. His full story can be found here.

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current projects:

Budgets Are Sexy // a blog on personal finance and freedom
Coin Thrill // a blog on coin collecting


☆ Winner of 12 industry awards
☆ 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
☆ 2012 Financial Blogger of The Year
☆ 2x Judge in FinCon’s FinTech Competition
☆ Dubbed a top “Social Influencer” in personal finance & wealth
☆ One of the 50 most essential people on Twitter to follow via MarketWatch
☆ Featured in a full length spread on
☆ Named best blog for twentysomethings by Kiplinger (
☆ Named a best site for money advice by Business Insider (

past projects:

Rockstar Finance // a collection of the best articles on money (curation site)
Rockstar Directory // a database of 1,400+ financial blogs and resources
Rockstar Money Forums // a (positive) place to chat about money/blogging
Rockstar Community Fund // a philanthropy project that did $20,000 of GOOD
Love Drop // a philanthropy project that did $90,000 of GOOD
M.O.N.E.Y. // A podcast on personal finance and financial independence
☆ // a fun weekly giveaway site

random facts:

☆ Was once turned into a comic
☆ Loves mustard on mac n’ cheese
☆ Inventor of The Lifetime Wealth Ratio (LWR)
☆ Created The Financial Empowerment Game™
☆ Once turned down a million dollar offer for his sites
☆ Founder of International Be Proud of Your Money Day! (October 19th)
☆ Loved that he was once called “the Miley Cyrus of Finance”
☆ Maker of really ridiculous websites:,,,