Award winning personal finance blogger, consultant, curator, and daddy x3. With over 13 years of building communities online, Jay’s projects have reached over 40 million views and are regularly featured in the media. An avid coin collector, experimenter, and skateboarding fan, he loves connecting the online world with the β€œreal” world, and feels blessed to be able to do this every day for a living. You can find his full story here.

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current projects:

β˜† All-Star Money // curating the best articles in personal finance!
β˜† PF Swagger // curating the hottest merch in personal finance
β˜† Coin Thrill // a blog about coin collecting

services offered:

β˜† Blog Coaching // helping bloggers build/brand/monetize better
β˜† Fintech Advising // helping startups build/brand/market better
β˜† Blog Brokering // helping people buy and sell blogs
β˜† Coin Consulting // helping people evaluate and liquidate coin collections

past projects:

β˜† Budgets Are Sexy // a blog about financial independence
β˜† Rockstar Finance // a curation site featuring the best articles on money
β˜† Rockstar Money Forums // a (positive) place to chat about money/blogging
β˜† Rockstar Community Fund // a philanthropy project that did $20,000 of GOOD
β˜† PF Directory // a database of 1,400+ financial blogs and resources
β˜† M.O.N.E.Y. // A podcast on personal finance and financial independence
β˜† Take Our Stuff // a fun weekly giveaway site
β˜† Love Drop // a philanthropy project that did $90,000 of GOOD


β˜† Winner of 12 industry awards
β˜† 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award
β˜† 2012 Financial Blogger of The Year
β˜† 5x FinTech competition judge
β˜† Dubbed a top “Social Influencer” in personal finance & wealth
β˜† One of the 50 most essential people on Twitter to follow via MarketWatch
β˜† Featured in a full length spread on
β˜† Named best blog for twentysomethings by Kiplinger (Budgets Are Sexy)
β˜† Named a best site for money advice by Business Insider (Rockstar Finance)

random facts:

β˜† Wakes up at 5 a.m. every day
β˜† Was once turned into a comic
β˜† Was once turned into currency
β˜† Was once turned into a bobblehead!
β˜† Once had a project show up in the White House
β˜† Once had someone dress up as him for Halloween
β˜† Once called “the Miley Cyrus of Finance” (not as a compliment)
β˜† Inventor of The Lifetime Wealth Ratioβ„’ (LWR)
β˜† Creator of The Financial Empowerment Game
β˜† Founder of International Be Proud of Your Money Day! (October 19th)
β˜† Maker of ridiculous websites:,,

// Last updated: 8/31/2021