j. mone and trip of a lifestyle

FinCon, Friends & Favorites ✨

| September 16th, 2022

Good morning! I survived FinCon! Here are a bunch of pretty pics to prove it :) Me and the incomparable Trip of a Lifestyle duo – Steven and Lauren. Who both retired at 29 and now travel the country and wherever they want! Been...

j. money fincon 2012

Bad Boy. Good Credit.

| September 2nd, 2022

Morning, friends! Getting into anything good this holiday weekend? Any juicy biz or financial things poppin’ off? No luck w/ our Big Idea we pitched that company the other week, but FinCon is around the corner so we’ll see if...

be kind sign

Twelve Rules For Life

| August 26th, 2022

Good morning! In a world where you can be anything, be kind :) (Don’t you love that quote???) I’ve been coming across all kinds of reminders like this this week, so thought I would take it as a sign to keep passing on the good...

gary weiner - blogger

In Memory of Gary Weiner 🙏

| August 19th, 2022

Morning, folks. Today’s post is in memory of Gary Weiner, the blogger behind Super Saving Tips who I learned passed away earlier this week :( I didn’t know him too well, but it’s hit me pretty hard for some reason so I...