swallows tattoo

It’s Not About Retirement Anymore

| December 2nd, 2022

Good morning! AND HAPPY DECEMBER!! THE BEST MONTH EVER! (And not just because JC and J$ were born in it – it’s about the SPIRIT of everything!! And how nice everyone finally becomes!! lol…) And as such, I’m going to...


The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Flamingo FI

| November 25th, 2022

Good morning, Turkeys!! Hope you had a good one :) And hope you’re keeping your wallets safe with today’s Black Friday madness?! I know I don’t have to worry about you as much as I do others out there, but just in case...

freak in the sheets mug

Freak In The Sheets

| November 18th, 2022

On a scale from 1-10, how bad do you want that mug? 😂 I don’t know where you can get it (someone Google!), but it went viral on The Twitter this week and of course had to pass it along to you… Spreadsheets Are Sexy .com!!!...

lion courage

Live Boldly

| November 11th, 2022

Good morning friends! When was the last time you did something truly BOLD? Like way outside your comfort zone but it needed to be done? This year? This month? This week? Can’t remember because it’s been so long?! I love this...

push-up challenge

The Way to Wealth

| November 4th, 2022

Gooooood morning, my beautiful, sassy, money hoarders!! I hope life has been treating you well this week!! I’ve stumbled across a brave new world of exercising over here, and while it’s still too new to see if it’ll...