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Tomorrow is gross.

| October 6th, 2023

Good morning!! Lot’s of wonderful beautiful things to share with you today! #1. I’m giving out a bunch of new $$$ books on the blog!! Covering everything from savings tips to hustling hacks to making yourself rich to my...

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Fake Coins & Juicing Adventures

| September 22nd, 2023

Good morning fiscal friends!! Been a fun couple of weeks over here… First, I find a handful of rolled coins in my safe that I had long forgotten about (!!), and then I use said rolls (+ $100 more) to pick up a new long board to add...

Life Hacks & Pokémon Surprises

| September 8th, 2023

Morning! If you’re reading this right now, it means I have Covid. On the plus side, I’ve had nothing but time to read and write and think so there’s lots of great articles for you to gander down below 😁 I’m also...

freddy smidlap the man

Running Out of Life

| August 25th, 2023

Morning morning!! Dedicating today’s newsletter to my man Freddy Smidlap who ran a fun (and feisty!) money blog for a number of years now, and then suddenly it went blank last week 😱😱 Fortunately for us superfans he’s...

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Unemployed once again!

| August 11th, 2023

Hi friends!! So remember that job I just got around board games?? That was super exciting and fun and gave my brain something new and productive to work on?! Well, I just got laid off from it after only a handful of weeks, womp…...