push-up challenge

The Way to Wealth

| November 4th, 2022

Gooooood morning, my beautiful, sassy, money hoarders!! I hope life has been treating you well this week!! I’ve stumbled across a brave new world of exercising over here, and while it’s still too new to see if it’ll...

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Tricks and Treats 💰

| October 28th, 2022

Good morning!! Happy Halloween Weekend!! Y’all dressing up or hitting any wild parties??! I wish I could say I was, but unless you count chaperoning a thousand kids as they hit event after event after event all weekend as juicy, I...

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New Apps, New Articles, New Day 👊

| October 21st, 2022

Good morning! Your neighborhood friend and curator here ;) Got an exceptional collection of reads and new apps/courses on the scene for you to peruse today, and hopefully one of them was exactly what you were looking for! Either way,...

a man is not a money plan

Fave Reads This Week 💻

| October 7th, 2022

Happy Friday!! Caught a lot of great articles in the space this week, and they’re all dumped below… Hope you’ve been enjoying these since I came back! If not, just click that ‘unsubscribe’ link down below and as soon...