cosmic stars

Cosmic Insignificance Therapy

| August 12th, 2022

Good morning! Hope you all are having a good week! Just chillin’ over here, nothing too exciting or juicy to report which is kind of refreshing every now and then :) Time for the body (and mind) to re-energize and “just...

close up $100 bill

Reject the Algorithm

| August 5th, 2022

Good morning! Can you believe it’s already August??! Wasn’t it the New Year just like last week?! How are those Net Worths going over there? Much more fun updating it this month than last, eh? :) As for me, I’m still...

spongebob vans shoes

Imagination Rainbow 🌈

| July 22nd, 2022

Good morning fam! Hope you had a great week out there! We’re rounding out the last few days of our final beach trip this summer, and while there has been no surfing action this time around there has been some shopping action once my...