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Good morning!

And a happy early Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there!!! Thanks for all you do, especially for creating us! ;)

Lots of great stuff out there this week so let’s just dive in!

Favorite finds from around the community:

These long distance friendship lamps –> Friendship Lamps

This way to see if you’re a good person or not, lol –> The “Shopping Cart” Theory

These three types of crypto investors (I’m the middle one – the worst!) –> Three Types of Investors

This stuff you can learn from minimalism, even if you’re nowhere close to adopting it –> Let’s Clean This Mess Up

These pros and cons to Real Estate Syndication (been hearing a lot about it lately and Joel does a great job breaking it down in this post) –> What’s a Real Estate Syndication?

How much these famous memes have been selling for –> Meme NFTs!

This story at the center of this article! –> Leaving a Legacy That Matters

These thoughts on investing by Darius Foroux –> “Investing is not a goal, activity, or task; it’s a habit. It’s something you do regularly, just like you work out, meditate, read, or anything else that takes time to yield results.”

This strategy for when you want to create something but you don’t know where to begin –> The Soulja Boy Strategy

This post on efficiency –> Efficiency is the Enemy

This video that I teared up on bad!! –> I Was Almost A School Shooter [7:28]

This question to think about over the weekend –> Do You Like the Person You Are Becoming?

Be well 🙏🙏

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We All Have a Time Machine

covid beard

Good morning!

And bye-bye Covid Beard!! Lol… Kids always get a kick out of me doing that, though the dog was much less impressed (took her about 10 minutes to trust me again!).

Always a good way to get a fresh start though :) And PS: You don’t need to wait until New Year’s to take action!! If you’ve been wishing for something for awhile now, let TODAY be the day you do something about it. I don’t care if you only spend *5 minutes* on it. DO IT!!



And then take a pic of it and send it to me :) Hopefully it’ll be less creepy than a naked guy with their beard half shaved off…

Below are my favorite articles from the week. Be good 🙏🙏

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Favorite reads this week:

Mom Quietly Quits Household Chores to See If Her Family Notices via Upworthy — “Channeling the fed-upness of mothers everywhere, she just up and stopped doing household chores to see what would happen. Two days later, she began sharing the saga in a Twitter thread that’s as entertaining as it is satisfying.”

Kakeibo: Save Money Using Mindful Japanese-Style Budgeting via FinMasters — “A simple yet powerful personal finance philosophy that teaches you to save money and spend mindfully. All you need is a pen and a notebook.”

Die With Zero: 9 Minute Book Summary via Debt-Free Doctor — “As most books about investing discuss how to grow wealth and accumulate more, this one was the total opposite. It detailed an interested concept of how we could plan out our finances to ensure that we enjoyed life and died with, you guessed it, ZERO. I have to say it’s one of the few books I’ve read that have made me pause and rethink my view about money and life.”

Do You Have an Investing Edge? via Monevator — “In my professional capacity I’ve witnessed actual edge, firsthand. And pretty much none of these edges are available to the private investor. Let’s run through a few examples.”

What If One Dollar Was Worth One Use? via Mixed Up Money — “If you buy a product or an item of clothing, the value should always even out to $1.00 per usage. After all, why would we spend $150 on a pair of jeans if we weren’t planning on wearing them at least 150 times?”

A Piece of Early Retirement Advice via I Retired Young — “FIRE blogs often focus on the money side of the FIRE equation. Some also focus on what can be done in the new time freed up from retiring early. But not many seem to talk about how your early retirement dreams might affect your partner, or how your partner’s plans can impact your early retirement.”

We All Have a Time Machine, It’s Disguised as NOW via Financial Success MD — “Every time we say I wish I could go back in time and change something, we should go ahead and make the change NOW, so our 20 year older selves will not be kicking ourselves for not making the change when we first thought about it.”

There Are Very Few Decisions That Will Ruin Your Life via Financial Panther — “What you’ll find is that most of your worst-case scenarios are really more like a 3 or 4 out of 10 on the badness scale. It sucks, but you can bounce back. Very few are going to be – as Tim Ferris has eloquently stated – on the “holy shit, my life is over” level.”

Video of the week:

Real Estate Right Now via TikTok — one of the funniest things I’ve seen relating to this crazy market we’re in right now :) If you’ve been trying to buy a new place lately you’ll relate!!

@johnsonfilesAnybody else in this crazy fight for a home?? #realestate #housingmarket #comedy #funny #realestatetiktok #realestatehacks #houseshopping #fixerupper♬ original sound – The Johnson Files

Site of the week: — A great option for anyone looking to give back! “With every donation, RIP uses its precise data analytics to pinpoint the medical debt of those most in need of relief… People across the country receive a letter that their debt is gone. No taxes. No penalties. Just like that, they’re free of medical debt.” [Hat tip to The Bitches for recommending this]

Quote of the week:

Saw this the other day and it hit me hard. Especially with Covid still wreaking havoc out there…

“A healthy man wants a thousand things, a sick man only wants one thing.” – Confucius

Damn. Brutal! But what a way to put things in perspective…

The next time you catch yourself wanting yet another bobble or upgrade in life, try to recall this line even if to just pause for a second and take in your blessings! Money can get you a lot of things, but not some of life’s most essential.

If you’re struggling with health problems yourself, please know you are in our thoughts and we wish more than anything that you get better.

You are loved.


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Continual Time Loops

time loop
Good morning!

Hope your week’s been going well! Lots of GREAT reads in the community to share with you this week, but first a couple of announcements:

#1. We’re looking to add two new curators to the All-Star Money team! One to track down the best podcasts & Clubhouse/Discord discussions going on in the space, and another to help find the best YouTube videos & TikTok/Snapchat/Twitch streams, etc. So if you live and breathe this stuff, be sure to check out our jobs page and shoot us a note! –>

#2. I added up new merch on Stumbled across the (hilarious) Mrs. Dow Jones and now obsessed with her Buy/Sell socks! Who needs the stock market when you got the SOCK market, right??! (hardy har…)

Here’s a look at some of her stuff:

mrs dow jones merch

To see it all, head over to

Now onto my favorite reads of the week! Hope they start your weekend off right!


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Favorite reads around the community:

Wearing One Dress for 100 Days: A Review via Christian Minimalism — “I actually wore one single dress for 100 consecutive days, for at least eight hours a day. Though this minimalism experiment sounds extreme, I found it to be life-changing. Here are some of my biggest takeaways…”

How to Become a 401(k) Millionaire via Route To Retire — “So here’s something unexpected… I just became a 401(k) millionaire last week. Let’s talk a little bit more about how this happened and why it’s possible for you to do the same!”

20 Minutes a Day Can Radically Change Your Life via PropertyUpdate — “The 20 Minute Habit Shortcut involves a simple three-step process: 1. Define a daily activity that will help you accomplish a specific goal. 2. Devote 20 minutes a day to that new activity. 3. Repeat that activity every day for 30 days.”

How I Make $10,000/mo Investing in Mobile Homes via Side Hustle Nation — “The cash flow strategy with mobile homes is similar to investing in single-family homes, duplex, etc. You’re looking to buy a mobile home, get a tenant in, and operate on a positive cash flow. The main difference from an investing standpoint is that mobile homes typically cost a lot less than traditional family homes.”

Overcoming Procrastination With The Habit Rule of Half via Break The Twitch — “Here’s how it works. If a task is left uncompleted at the end of the day, cut it in half and add it to the next day’s list. If it doesn’t get done by the end of that day, cut it in half again and add it to the next day’s list. Keep doing this until the task becomes small enough to tackle.”

Wooden Spoons via Humble Dollar — “A wooden spoon will serve most purposes just as well as a silver one, and yet it is the latter that’s more desired, despite costing far more. That’s irrational but very human. Why do people value and desire silver spoons so much more?”

The Predictive Power of Fees via Occam Investing — “Given that the amount paid in fees is a great predictor of performance in investing, focusing on reducing fees is the most reliable way investors have to increase their odds of investing successfully.”

I Invested In Crypto Instead of The Work Lottery Pool via Frank on FIRE — “I’m a slow and steady investor who doesn’t enjoy a lot of volatility, and before this week I have never considered investing in crypto currency. However as I pondered the lottery pool and the likelihood of ever winning my mind thought about how I could better use that $260 a year.”

Quote of the week:

As with past quotes, this one line has shaped a lot of my thinking this week…

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – John C. Maxwell.

Amazing the impact a few words strung together can make! And the more I reflect on this one in particular, the more I realize how true it is. Almost ALL of my recent success has been from stacking daily habits one on top of each other…

Waking up at 5am every day, getting my *one main thing* done first in the morning, always putting a glass of water in front of me so I’m reminded to drink more, shutting down the laptop at nights and weekends, the list goes on and on…

All things I had to stop and COMMIT to every day until they became habits and incrementally improved my life. Not always easy, but you do them one at a time until you stop even noticing. It’s all about being conscious – both of your current habits, as well as your current *goals*. Without knowing either you’re just stuck on a continual time loop! And not the fun kind!

So here’s to us changing our time loops, one habit – and one day – at a time :) We have a lot more power than we think!


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You don’t have to own something to enjoy it.

flowers meadow

Hey guys!

Happy Friday!

Nothing too juicy to report on this side – unless you’re a fan of ticks which I’ve found crawling over me multiple times this week! (the cons of having large gardens 🤢🤢🤢), so today’s newsletter will mainly just contain my favorite reads and video from the week…

Though I did start a new book that I’m really enjoying! And if you’re a fan of TOMS shoes you might too. I’ll drop a link to it down below. I was also interviewed on a podcast this week: The FI Show. Where we covered designing a work/life balance, the love and transparency within the personal finance community, how I incorporate philanthropy into my daily life, and how I was never really naturally that great with money (or even had a background in it), but still managed okay due to a number of habits and hustle over the years.

You can check it out here: Finding Your Work-Life Balance w/ J.Money

FI Show podcast - J. Money

Onto this week’s faves!

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Favorite posts this week:

Winnie the Pooh Translates Financial Jargon via A Wealth of Common Sense — “This meme is perfect for finance because it’s an industry that relies on jargon as a way to sell, confuse and signal higher than average intelligence. Words are meant to impress in the world of finance and convey expertise.”

What Growing Up “Poor” Taught Me About Minimalism via Becoming Minimalist — “Not long after Mom passed away, my little family and I felt an impassioned call toward a simple, minimal life. We sold what we had to pay what we owed, and with reckless abandon, gratefully released the “American dream” and all it demanded of us. We are now three years into this amazing adventure, 100% debt-free and have never been happier or more at peace.”

WTF Is an NFT? by Budgets Are Sexy — “Non-fungible means unique, one-of-a-kind, not replaceable. Example: U.S. dollars are fungible. One dollar can easily replace another dollar. You and I could trade an old $10 bill for a new $10 and we’d both feel fine about it. That’s fungibility. So, a non-fungible item has unique properties such that it can’t be duplicated, replicated, etc.”

Your Life is Always Just Beginning via Raptitude — “With a movie, you always have to put together the story from a standing start, because you’re already in the middle of the characters’ lives. You can’t actually see what happened before the first image appears, but you can piece it together through exposition… Stories begin in the middle, and the middle is always now. Real life is like this too.”

The Little Mermaid: From Hoarder to Heroine via Yellow Brick Freedom — “Ariel reminds us that stuff isn’t the stuff of life. She reminds us that life is about living, not accumulating. It’s about swimming to the surface and using those things, what do you call them? oh—feet!”

Memento Mori: Carpe Diem’s Older Brother via Mantaro Money — “As Confucius, the ancient Chinese philosopher, said, “every man has two lives and the second one starts when he realises he only has one”. Contemplating your own mortality allows you to get on with your ‘second life’ sooner rather than later.”

A Few Short Stories by Collaborative Fund — “Notorious BIG once casually mentioned that he began selling crack in fourth grade… Incentives drive everything, and most of us underestimate what we’d be willing to do if the incentives were right.”

The Young Buffalo 🐃 by 5AM Joel — “A young buffalo once asked his Dad… “Hey Dad, what’s the scariest thing in the world?” The father buffalo told him it was a lion! Because lions eat buffalo. The young buffalo thought to himself for a moment and then said, “OK Dad, if I ever see a lion I’ll run away in the other direction as fast as I can!” But the Dad said that’s actually the opposite of what he should do. He then gave his son this wise advice…”

If You Want To Eat the Rich, Stop Feeding Amazon via Bitches Get Riches — “Next time a warehouse worker passes out in the choking heat of an unventilated warehouse, I don’t want my three-pack of cotton sport thongs to be what paramedics find clutched in his unconscious hands. So, I quit. I stopped feeding Amazon my money. And I realized a lot when I did.”

Video of the week:

Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate! via — “Rodney Mullen is the godfather of street skating, and in this exuberant talk he shares his love of the open skateboarding community. He shows how the unique environments skaters play in drive the creation of new tricks — fostering prolific ingenuity purely for passion’s sake.”


Book of the week:

start something that matters book

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie — Got this book from my brother the other day and haven’t been able to put it down! It’s old (2012) but REALLY good. Whether you’re into business or not (but especially if you’re into business!). Here’s a snippet on Blake for those who don’t recognize the name:

In 2006, Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS Shoes with a simple business model: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.” In 2011, TOMS launched its second One for One product, TOMS Eyewear, which with every pair purchased helps give sight to a person in need by providing medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-saving surgery. When Blake isn’t working at TOMS, he spends his time reading, writing, fly-fishing, and participating in just about every board sport.

Quote of the week:

One last nugget to ponder as we head into the weekend :) And I can tell you from personal experience this is very much true!! Both with “stuff,” as well as other things in life.

“You don’t have to own something to love and enjoy it.”

– Cheryl Smith

A line that can serve us pretty well over time….

Happy weekend 🙏🙏


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Design a life you’re inspired to live.

escape world
Good morning!

Two quick announcements before we get to this week’s best articles…

#1. I’m sexy!

Errr… let’s try that again. You already knew that ;)

#1. There’s a new FIRE documentary currently being cast for! It’s for a MAJOR streaming platform, and they’re specifically looking for couples in the Denver/Boulder area (ages 23-45) who are ready to embark on a financial transformation… If you’re selected we’ll all get to watch you, and you’ll be personally coached by the one and only Mr. Money Mustache, lol…

Anyone interested can apply here! –>

#2. Just came across this search engine and it looks promising: They use the profit from everyone’s searches to plant trees where they are needed the most, and they’ve already planted over 123 MILLION! Haven’t tested it enough personally to compare it to the big G yet, but maybe you have and can share more? Killer idea and LOVE that it’s a non-profit 👍

Okay, to my favorite articles from the week! Hope you all are well!

I’m still alive and kicking (quite literally!) as I skateboard now for at least an hour a day! Dropped $200+ on a new board and shoes too this week – somebody stopped me!!!

new skateboard & shoes

Your friend in finance,

j money signature

PS: I still find it SO fascinating that there’s an ENTIRE culture like skateboarding out there that you’d never know about unless you accidentally stumbled upon it or purposefully went searching for it… Makes you wonder about all the OTHER communities out there too we’d find and learn about if we weren’t so stuck in our own bubbles!  Maybe a good challenge for the weekend is going out of your way to find a new one yourself and just practice *observing*? Perhaps you’ll accidentally find yourself changed unexpectedly as I have!

PPS: Another skateboarding observance I’ve had at skate parks – going in the mornings you’re surrounded by kids and moms, but going in the evenings it’s teens and tattoos (and weed), lol… So the time of the day can greatly affect your perception of these niche communities too :)


Favorite posts this week:

The Joy of Decluttering via No Sidebar — “My powder blue vest and purse, and the curious series of coincidences with these items, have permanently changed the way I see all of the things that live unloved and unused in my home.”

A False Sense of Purchasing Power via Becoming Minimalist — “Remind yourself that net worth is not the same as income. Net worth is only what is left at the end of the month. Inflating your expenses or credit line, just because society allows and your bank or credit card say you can, is rarely the best step forward.”

Are You Waiting For an Elevator? via 5AM Joel — “Most people wait their entire lives for elevators to pick them up. They want an express pass to success. But elevators to success are extremely rare, and sometimes nonexistent.”

The Only Way to Pay Off Debt is to Pay Off Debt via Practically Independent — “There are no shortcuts, no secret handshakes, no hidden menus, and no warp zones. So, even though it is super easy to get into debt… it can be super difficult to pay it back. Every single dollar you borrow will have to be paid back someday.”

Show & Tell: Chase’s Silver Collection via Coin Thrill — Cheating and putting my own post here :) But for any of you silver hoarders you’ll probably enjoy this one! A nice easy way to diversify a little!

The Best Items to Resell for Profit via Flea Market Flipper — “With freight shipping oversized items, I am able to find some really great items on local apps to flip… I have been able to go from part-time flipping income of $42K to $133K in our first year of flipping full-time! Freight shipping changed the game for me and has been consistently providing great income for my family ever since.”

Lacking That Cash Flow via FraidyCat Finance — “I try not to steal from my generosity in order to feed my luxury: When I look at my discretionary spending and saving, it is easy to get impatient and want to get to my goals faster…”

Put Your Ladder on Your OWN Wall via Property Update — “Most put their ladder on their parents’ wall and spend much of their life climbing that ladder. At some point, they come to the realisation that they are unhappy doing what they are doing. This leads to a feeling of despondency about the work they do and the life they are living.”

Video of the week:

“This is why we can’t have nice things” via YouTube – A wild video on how stuff we buy has purposefully been designed to be obsolete… (Did you know there’s a light bulb that’s been continuously running for over 100 years????!)

Hat tip: Apex Money

Quote of the week:

Caught this a handful of days ago and haven’t been able to get it off my mind!

“Design a life you are inspired to live.”

– Annette White

Something to ponder as we head into the weekend… :)


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