i met you today

I Met You Today

| January 12th, 2024

Morning, friends! Happy New(ish) Year! Finally getting used to writing “2024” on checks and coming to terms with being a year older now… OK just kidding – I haven’t written a check since 2014! 🤣 I did...

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12 Financial Challenges to Try in 2024

| December 16th, 2023

Good morning friends!! Happy December 16th! Exactly 10 days away from my birthday, and 9 from someone else’s ;) Fun Fact: I was actually *supposed* to be born on the 25th, but being the nice guy I was I let the Big Guy have it all to...

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What if money expired?

| December 1st, 2023

Good morning friends! Hope your money, life, and overall vibes are on the up and up! You made it to Friday – woo! Here’s another piece of good news for you: I’m giving away (2) copies of JL Collins’ new book over on...

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The only thing that matters is how much you love.

| November 17th, 2023

Good morning, friends! Hope y’all have some fun Thanksgiving plans coming up! We’re doing our usual double Turkey celebration (first half of the day going to my family’s gathering, the second half my wife’s), which...

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Cascading Actions (And Watching For Hints)

| October 21st, 2023

Good morning! I’ve been thinking a lot about my health journey lately and all the events that have led up to it, and I’ve found it’s all come together rather interestingly. It started with a friend convincing me to start...