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The areas I’m experienced in and passionate about:

  • Blog coaching / building / branding / marketing / monetizing
  • FinTech consulting / connecting / marketing / branding / engaging
  • Coin advising / evaluating / inventorying / liquidating
  • Social media & community building / branding / engaging / growing
  • Micro-philanthropy / engaging / fundraising / strategizing
  • Blog brokering / buying / selling / valuing

A quick highlight reel (full story here):

  • 15 years in the online personal finance space
  • 12 industry awards, including Blog of The Year and Lifetime Achievement
  • 40,000,000+ views across all online projects
  • $1,000,000+ made through personal finance blogs and projects
  • $100,000+ given away through philanthropic projects
  • 100+ blogs bought, sold, or brokered
  • 10+ FinTech companies advised (Digit, CFSI, Motley Fool)
  • 5x FinTech and business competition judge

Happy to do one-time sessions, or recurring. $100/hr flat rate – or pick me up something from my Wish List!

Shoot me a note about your project and we’ll see if I can help!

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“I did coaching w/ J. Money. It was the most authentic & affordable coaching I’ve ever done. Huge thumbs πŸ‘ up to him.”

Tom Brickman, TheFrugalGay.com

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“J. lives and breathes personal finance blogging and consumer finance. He is arguably the most influential member of the community. He also just happens to love FinTech and sharing the best new ideas with his highly-engaged audiences, making him the perfect fit for judging our annual competition.”

Philip Taylor, Founder of FinCon

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“J. helped us explode right out the gate, plugging us right into the financial blogging community and jump starting our word of mouth. His insight has been great over the years, and we’re stoked to have him on as a founding advisor.”

Ethan Bloch, Founder of Digit

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“When we started Motley Fool’s Acquisition Network, our first acquisition was budgetsaresexy.com, in large part because we wanted to work with J$. We could not have asked for a better first member of the network. Not only is J. a fun, thoughtful, engaging writer, he’s always thinking about ways to help his readers and other members of the community. He’s constantly dreaming up innovations to take the site and our broader network to new levels. He’s incredibly upbeat, optimistic, and a joy to work with as a contractor, consultant, and teammate. And he is considered a guru and/or legend among those in the FinCon world, which gave us instant credibility. Everyone on our team loves J. and we hope to be working with him for a very long time, continually broadening all the ways we collaborate.”

Roger Friedman, Chief Words Officer, The Motley Fool

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“J. Money is a master at building and fostering community. At a time when community is currency, and we’re all seeking to connect with others on a deeper level, J. Money has a rare gift for being able to selflessly inspire and mobilize others in ways that have real impact. The Rockstar Finance community he built inspired me to share my own money stories more openly and the community there shared both resources and support when I was a new content creator. Many of the people I met in that community are still my friends, and it was instrumental in helping me both expand my business and my life. If you’re looking for help fostering a community of impact there is absolutely no one better at it than J. Money. I can’t wait to see what he creates next.”

Grant Sabatier, author of the international bestseller, Financial Freedom

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“I started the blog GoodMidlife.com about a year ago and was seeing no results. I was at the point of giving up. Then I thought back to why I started the blog in the first place and the bloggers who inspired me to give it a go. J. Money and his blog Budgets are Sexy were what inspired me most in the beginning therefore I decided to reach out to him for some guidance. With one of his coaching sessions, he quickly helped me move in the right direction and get some clarity. Since our meeting I am again inspired and now more motivated than ever to continue!”

David Moore, GoodMidLife.com

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“I first heard about J. Money from one of the startup founders who went through CFSI’s fintech accelerator program, the Financial Solutions Lab. I was impressed by how he helped that startup build critical relationships with the PFM community by using social platforms for more strategic engagement. When I finally met J. in person, the ideas started flying — and frankly haven’t stopped. He’s a favorite collaborator; we’ve worked together successfully on a couple of projects now, and I’m a big fan.”

Shannon Austin, Former Managing Director, Center for Financial Services Innovation (now known as the Financial Health Network)

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“The great thing about working with J. is not only do you get his awesome advice, which is well-grounded, thoughtful and steeped in experience — he also gives you access to his vast network of contacts and friends. This has helped us re-work elements of our basic marketing strategy, as well as make inroads with some of the biggest influencers in the business. An hour of consulting with J. is like a gift that keeps on giving!”

Tyson Koska, Founder of OnTrajectory.com

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“J. Money is the man for any fintech startup who needs to quickly connect with leading bloggers in the personal finance space. His credibility and reputation immediately opened doors and help secure coverage for us with top bloggers in a short amount of time. We would have never been able to generate the buzz and early traction without him.”

Ben Psillas, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of ATM Network, AllPoint

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“J. has terrific insight and deep knowledge of the online finance space and his fellow influencers, and his positive energy, can-do attitude and passion make him a pleasure to work with. Incorporating consultation with J. into your strategy will make your life and work better.”

Erin Olson, Vice President, The Motherhood

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“When I wanted to add extra curry flavor to Go Curry Cracker!, I sought advice and direction from somebody who was living and breathing blogging, somebody that has walked the walk. I felt, not that I was talking with a paid coach, but that I was talking with a friend who wanted me to succeed almost more than I did.

In 60 minutes I filled 5 pages of notes, covering content, marketing, building community, advertising, social media, press, and blogging best practices, all of it practical and actionable. But the real golden advice was to all of the questions I didn’t ask and didn’t even think to ask, the ideas that J. shared as a result of reading thousands of blog posts and curating a collection of the finest. From the day I put this advice into action, growth has shattered all expectations.

This combination of modesty and expertise is a rare gift. For anybody looking to take their blog to the next level, J. Money can guide you there.”

Jeremy, Blogger at GoCurryCracker.com

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“J. Money is one of the hottest personal finance bloggers on the scene. I’ve been following his blog for awhile now and I was excited to have him as a mentor. His suggestions and positive outlook had an immediate impact on my traffic. I gained a great deal of insight working with him and learned that there are many ways to get results. I can’t emphasize enough how good this guy really is. He also breaks all of the myths about anonymous bloggers which is proven through his success. He is the future of personal finance blogs that are entertaining and informative.”

Karen, Blogger at KarenCordaway.com

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“Having a mentor is important in many occupations and blogging is no exception; having J$ on my side is a blogger’s dream. He is competent, helpful, interesting, fun and so incredibly nice. Most of all, his gentle but firm support and experience yield results. When I hired J$, The Money Principle was a small blog with faithful but limited following and reputation, mainly amongst connoisseurs. The Money Principle is now re-vamped, I have gained the confidence to reach out to some of the top personal finance blogs and we have grown substantially. My RSS subscribers have increased fourfold, e-mail subscriptions are going up and daily visits have increased three times. My hat off to you, J$ and thanks!”

Maria Nedeva, Mistress Supreme of TheMoneyPrinciple.com

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“Here’s what I can tell you if you are planning to hire J. Money as a consultant: First, if he says “Yes” consider yourself fortunate. He is a ton of fun to work with. Second, J. is the very rare blogger who although he is at the very top of his game, never seems to have a big head. He not only understands the potential of his influence, but also “gets it” when working with brands.

J. sits at the center of the “Who’s Who” in personal finance influence. I’ve lost count how many times over the past 5 years that I’ve reached out to ask for his insights and he’s responded quickly. He’s a natural at connecting the right brands and the right bloggers.

J. has also knows the importance of giving back and paying it forward. Before spinning off Rockstar Finance, he grew it into one of the web’s top destinations for aggregated personal finance content, while also elevating the profiles of up and coming PF bloggers. Still, he introduced the Rockstar Directory and The Rockstar Community Fund — The “Pay it Forward” stories were among my favorite to read.

What I love most about working with J., besides his wealth of knowledge, is simple: there is zero BS with him. He won’t hawk a brand just to monetize, which if you’ve worked with lifestyle influencers for any length of time is truly remarkable. He engages only when he feels the brand offers something truly valuable to his audiences. This authenticity comes across loud and clear in both his partnerships and his content, and I believe is one of the many reasons he’s so respected and wildly popular in our community.”

Cherie Gary, Former PR lead for Republic Wireless

β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜† β˜†

“J. was such a master at helping me hone in on my core message. He also really helped me find the courage to just be myself, which I think is so important when representing yourself online. He is a ninja when it comes to making money blogging and I found that incredibly valuable. When you are building a blog as a business, it helps A LOT to know your monetization plan up front and I could not have asked for a better teacher on this. You rock J$!”

Agatha K., Life Coach at HeyAgatha.com

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“I’ll never forget when I did my coaching call with J. I was a high school band director at the time, and I was super miserable at my job. I had started my blog about six months before, and I wanted to see if I could make the transition to blogging full-time eventually. Even though I hadn’t been doing it for a really long time, I knew that J. was basically the godfather of blogging and had to get his opinion on what I was trying to do.

I had been writing content for a little bit, but I definitely wasn’t making any money through my site. I also didn’t really have much of a direction or focus at all. So I jumped on the phone with J., and we dove right in. He evaluated my site and gave me really honest feedback, and then walked me through monetization strategies, social media, traffic growth, and basically everything else I needed to know to have a solid foundation with my blog.

By the time we were done with the hour, I literally had six pages of notes (front and back). All of the information he gave me was incredible, and I finally felt like I had a direction to take with my site.

But honestly, I think the most important thing he did for me was to show me how to thrive in this business the right way. Care about your readers, don’t ever do anything that isn’t in their best interest, and create a real bond with your audience. That’s what makes you successful in blogging, and J. is the epitome of those ideas.

That was three years ago. Now, I run Millennial Money Man full-time and made nearly $200,000 with my online business while bringing in over 1,000,000 readers in 2017. I’ve been on CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Reuters, and many other major media outlets (which largely happened because of tips I learned from J.). Most importantly though, I can legitimately say that I have a loyal audience that is going to stick with me for a long time.

All of the success I’ve had so far started with that coaching call, and I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t done it. Hands-down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

Bobby Hoyt, Blogger at MillennialMoneyMan.com

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“J. Money was a fantastic mentor who helped me improve my site quickly. He helped me figure out what to prioritize given my goals and the fact that time is always limited. He gave me good, actionable, and specific ideas on ways to improve the site. He also challenged me – in a supportive way – to do things in new and better ways. I haven’t even done everything that I learned about during the process, but I made numerous substantial improvements while we were working together, and I have a clear understanding of what to do going forward. What’s more, J. Money is a good guy and a pleasure to work with.”

FF, Blogger at FeelingFinancial.com

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“In my first 15 minutes working with J., I received incredible feedback on my blog design from where to position content for maximum impact and how to create “power pages” to anchor my content in search engines and generate clicks. In my first hour with him, he helped me develop a direction for my project and create a personal road map to the goals I have for it. I’ve had several coaching session with J. since then, and my blog subscribers have nearly doubled. I really couldn’t be happier! This man oozes creativity, and the best part about working with J. is how incredibly fun and engaging he is during the entire coaching process. His tips on generating income, improving content, and networking with other bloggers comes from experience, and I highly recommend his services to any serious blogger looking for help reaching his or her goals.”

Camille, Retired Blogger at ChallengeMantra.com


// Last updated: 7/12/23