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Favorite Blogs:

Favorite Articles / Ideas:

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Favorite People on @Twitter:

Favorite Services:

  • USAA – where I do all my banking and insurance (auto, life, renters)
  • Vanguard – where I do all my (index) investing!
  • Republic Wireless – where I have my cell phone service through (cheap/solid)
  • Digit – an app that automatically saves you money (I’m an advisor to them)
  • Acorns – an app that automatically invests your money
  • Honey – a browser extension that automatically applies coupons at checkout

Newsletters I subscribe to:

  • 5 AM Joel — Short positive messages to improve your life.
  • Josh Radnor’s “museletter” — Notes on what he’s read, watched, and been inspired by lately. Accompanied by essays on things that are top of mind.

Favorite Projects:

  • The Plutus Foundation — A non-profit that provides grant money and resources to our financial media community to create, develop, and administer programs that enhance financial literacy empowerment.
  • The Lakota Project — An initiative by fellow blogger, A Gai Shan Life, that brings food and warm clothing to families of the Lakota Native American tribe.
  • The “Making Do” Program – An initiative by fellow blogger, Stephanie, from PoorerThanYou.com that supports low income, unemployed, and underemployed folks by paying them to share their personal money stories through writing, photography, and art.
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