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Favorite Services:

  • USAA – where I do all my banking and insurances (auto, life, renters)
  • Vanguard – where I do all my (index) investing!
  • Republic Wireless – where I have my cell phone through (super cheap / solid)
  • Digit – an app that automatically saves you money (I’m an advisor to them)
  • Acorns – an app that automatically invests your money
  • Honey – a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupons at checkout

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Favorite Organizations:

  • SundaraFund.org – Sundara recycles old hotel soap into new bars, giving them a second life. They hire local women to do this work, lifting them from poverty with fair wage livelihoods, and then distribute the soap to their communities while providing free hygiene education classes for vulnerable populations.
  • TheGoodCemeterian.org – A two-person historical preservation non-profit that restores tombstones and shares the stories of those they honor.
  • 516Project.org – A volunteer Christian based ministry that focuses on home repair and disaster relief.
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