The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . .

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Morning everyone!

How’s life/love/money going over there?

A lot of people have asked when my next project is going live (curation site w/ The Motley Fool), and while it continues to change, I am happy to report that we should be back on track now and will have a solid date for you soon :) Turns out it’s a whole other world launching something with a company vs by yourself, haha, but we’re getting there! And just been laying low in the meantime and trying to be the best daddy/husband/home schooler I can be… A full-time job in itself ;)

I miss you guys though!! What have you been up to??! Hit reply and tell me all your juicy secrets!!

Here are some of my favorite reads from around the community lately… Be back again soon! XOXO,

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Favorite articles around the web:

The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke… Is Now Officially Broke via Forbes – “It took decades, but Chuck Feeney, the former billionaire cofounder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers has finally given all his money away to charity. He has nothing left now—and he couldn’t be happier.”

A Remembrance of Forrest Fenn via Medium — “I am the person who found Forrest’s famed treasure. The moment it happened was not the triumphant Hollywood ending some surely envisioned… This treasure hunt was the most frustrating experience of my life.”

The 30-Day Minimalism Game via The Minimalists — “Here’s how it works. Find a friend, family member, or coworker who’s willing to minimize their stuff with you next month. Each person gets rid of one thing on the first day of the month. Two things on the second. Three things on the third. So forth and so on… Whoever keeps it going the longest wins.”

Why I Don’t Own a Car via Medium — “When I daydream about buying a car, I imagine ways to reduce costs. I’ve considered working as a courier or an Uber driver as a side hustle. After doing some cost analysis; I’d have to spend almost a day a week working to pay for the car. I’d prefer to kick myself in the nuts.”

Loop (A new way to shop) — “Loop enables consumers to shop for brands in durable packaging that is reused until the end of its life, creating a circular system designed to put an end to disposable single-use packaging.”

The ‘Batman Effect’: How having an alter ego empowers you via BBC — “Thinking of yourself as a separate entity can reduce anxiety, while also kicking up some major benefits for your confidence and determination.”

Minnesota man shatters Guinness World Record with his 42′ mohawk hairdo via Pioneer Press — “I’m 6-foot-1-inch tall, and my mohawk is pushing 4 feet now. Doors aren’t over 7 feet tall, ceilings 9 feet, and cars are impossible to get into, so I’m limited to where and how I move around when I’m all done up…” (I concur with how hard it is to be in cars – even with wussy hawks like mine! ;))

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia Partner Up as Acorns Investors, Families to Receive $7 Investment via — “There are so many people feeling as I did when I was struggling with just $7 bucks in my pocket; anxious and uncertain about my life and future,” says Johnson… “To me, $7 bucks represents a defining moment in my life, it represents possibility, hope and a new beginning.”

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice via The Technium — “It’s my birthday. I’m 68. I feel like pulling up a rocking chair and dispensing advice to the young ‘uns. Here are 68 pithy bits of unsolicited advice which I offer as my birthday present to all of you.”


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You can do anything temporarily

meditation yoga pose

Hope you’re well (and sane) over there! We started back school this week and wow was it something, lol… Ironically the hardest part wasn’t the schooling itself (it’s 100% virtual), but the realization that my 2 year old now needs one-on-one attention since his older buddies are no longer around to play anymore! Which is v. hard to do when you’re teaching and working at the same time!

But as Morgan Housel shares in one of my favorite reads this week – there are many forms of wealth, and the simple fact we’re all at home together – and safe! – are two major blessings to work on focusing on…While also keeping in mind that it’s all just temporary. And you can do ANYTHING temporarily, right??! (RIGHT??)

So no big projects going on over here at the moment, but I did manage to still add a new apparel line to PF Swagger as well as a SUPER fun interview of one of my favorite movements out there, so those features, as well as a bunch of other great reads I came across this week, are pasted below.

Here’s to staying afloat!

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george acheampong muscles

One-on-One with George Acheampong of Melanin Money via PF Swagger – An interview with the founder of one of my favorite apparel lines (and movements) I’ve come across lately! On a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their first $1,000 💪💪

“Debt Ain’t It” Shirts and Merch from Rochelle Adamson – A budgeter who loves to travel, a traveler who loves to budget!

Alternative Forms of Wealth via Collaborative Fund — “You’re wealthy if… You have a level of independence that goes beyond money. You can cook for yourself, do your own laundry, change a flat tire, and be alone without getting bored.”

Thoughts on Turning 70 by Arianna Huffington — “We all know what matters in life — so why do we wait to act on it”

Vending Machines For The Homeless (Video) via @RexChapman — “In the UK, these vending machines have water, fruit and other basic items for the homeless to use access for free.”

How to Sell Feet Pics Online via Make Save Spend Give — “I’m gonna cut right to the chase. Yes, people will pay you for feet pics. I know you have questions, maybe you don’t even believe that it’s possible. Trust me I just spent 10+ hours researching this stuff, it’s true.”

How My Grandfather Saved Money via Your Margin Matters — “At the end of each day, Grandpa would toss any loose bills or change into the can. When he had enough, he would seal the top of the can and hand the entire thing over to the land owner – purchasing one parcel at a time.”

GaryVee Is Still Preaching the Hustle Gospel in the Middle of a Pandemic via Marker — “His message is what so many desperate people want to hear right now. It’s also dangerous.”

Buying Coffee Is My New Charitable Cause via Impersonal Finances — “Paying for a daily coffee habit is a go-to spend shaming exercise for many a mainstream personal financier. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve viewed this budgeting item in a different light.”

Google Comes Out With .new Domains! via Recomendo (a newsletter I started reading that gives you a heads up on 6 cool things a week) — “Google’s .new domains are exclusively reserved for action-based shortcuts, like for creating a new Google Doc… [or] “” to create a new post on Medium or “” to create a new listing on eBay.”


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After a game of chess, the kings and pawns are all tossed into the same box.

sunset chess


What a proverb, right?! I don’t even play chess but a powerful reminder that no matter how rich or powerful – or not! – we are, we’re all in this thing together. Best to treat everyone with as much love and kindness as we can!

Here are some new things going on in my world, along with my favorite reads from the week…

Hope you’re well :)


#1. Added a new collection on PF Swagger

And admittedly it’s getting harder and harder to find more gems out there! I think I found it all! Haha… Anyone wanna take up a new hustle so I can keep MY hustle going?? ;) Or anyone know of someone or some biz I’ve completely missed?

Featured on the site this week: tees and sweatshirts from Bankroll Summit! A FREE one-day financial literacy conference helping college students across the southeast build better relationships with money, powered by Steven M. Hughes and Know Money Inc. The next conference is set for April 2nd, 2021, and 100% of the merch proceeds go directly to funding it 💪💪

bankroll merch

#2. Hopped on a new podcast this week: Budgets & Brews!

Had a fun chat with the hosts of Budgets & Brews this week – a fairly new podcast out there but a duo who are already great conversationalists! Here are some of the things we covered on the show:

  • How I got into finance
  • Budgeting & investing tips
  • All the ways you can make money blogging, and other opportunities it brings
  • Updates on what I’m working on now

budgets and brews podcast
You can listen to the show here:

#3. Found a fun financial literacy quiz by FINRA

I got 5 out of 6 questions right – think you can beat me? :)

Take it here –>


And now my favorite reads from the week!

When Your Money Makes More Money Than You via Banker on FIRE — “This is when the real magic starts to happen. What you once thought is unattainable has now become reality – all through a combination of discipline and an undemanding savings rate.”

How I Lost $100 Million in 60 Days by Colin Heilbut — “Believe in your bat-shit crazy ideas. Start where no one else is looking, and do what no one else is doing. Put in the time, trust the process, and when the rules don’t suit you, break them. If you can do all that, and if you’re blessed with a healthy dose of good luck, you might find yourself building a global kitty litter empire.”

Actually Helpful Tips for Negotiating Salary via Four Pillar Finances — “#6. Never give a salary number first. If they insist that they need a number, say something like “I’m more concerned at the moment with talking to you about discovering whether we’re a mutual fit.””

You Can Get There From Here via Raptitude — “I was then, and am still, fascinated by the way in which two incompatible experiences are still connected by time. You could be sad and despairing on a Monday morning, and be laughing that afternoon. In a matter of hours, the awfulness – real as it was – has somehow evaporated and been replaced by an entirely different experience.”

Gilded: The Art of Healing via I Am — If you liked the Kintsugi concept we shared last week, you’re gonna enjoy this one too… It’s Kintsugi for HUMANS instead of pottery!

And then lastly, a short video clip I enjoyed: Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about the myth of a self made man.

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*Hat tip to 5 AM Joel for introducing me to the chess proverb

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5 New things I learned + Blogs for sale!

coffee reading

Hey guys!

Here are a couple updates on stuff I’m working on, then a list of new (and interesting!) things I learned recently that are pretty cool :)

Hope you find something helpful here!

#1. I’m back to helping people buy and sell $$$ blogs again! Been doing it on and off over the years and have helped broker well over 100 sites during this time, but for whatever reason this summer has REALLY heated up so I’m back to connecting people again!

Here are some of the sites that are currently available, and then if you’re interested in getting future notifications just sign up to my free – and private – email list:

I can also help with valuing them!

(If you want any info on these, just shout and I’ll pass it over…)

#2. Got a new collection on PF Swagger + started a new interview series! This latest addition is a bit different than the usual merch we feature, but it’s very much swag-worthy and something I wish we’d see on ALL greeting card shelves!! Let’s make it happen!!

Statement Cards” by fellow blogger, Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez – dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage & motherhood.

statement cards

My interview with Stefanie and the inspiration behind these can be found here (congrats Stef!) –> The Story Behind “Statement Cards”

#3. A bunch of new things I learned this week!

#1. The Plutus Foundation is now open for grant money! — “Tell us about your financial literacy project through a grant submission and you could get $2,000 for your financial literacy project for this coming year! The deadline for submissions is September 21.”

#2. Y Combinator has a (free) Startup School — They also just launched a Startup Library where they now house a lot of their best videos, podcasts and essays around starting and growing a business.

#3. Wu-Tang Clan is now on Cameo! — And for $360 they’ll give you a personalized message of your choosing ;) Or you can go with a thousand of other random/mostly B-list celebs: Drew Bledsoe ($75), Flavor Flav ($250), Perez Hilton ($90), Tom Bergeron ($100), Shaggy ($100), Ben Higgins (for all you Bachelor fans out there !- $100), Jordin Sparks ($40), and even Lindsay Lohan ($300).

#4. Our favorite breakfast cereals are causing us to sin ;) — “Kellogg believed “stimulating” foods, such as rich sauces, condiments, spices, and highly seasoned food, “has an undoubted influence upon the sexual nature of boys, stimulating those organs into too early activity, and occasioning temptations to sin which otherwise would not occur.””

#5. In Japan, when they fix broken pottery and ceramic things, they mix a little gold into the glue during the repair process — “It’s called Kintsugi … The reason they add gold is because they believe when something has suffered damage it becomes more beautiful. History is beautiful.”

kintsugi bowl

Have a beautiful Kintsugi weekend :)

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*Kintsugi repaired pottery bowl by Ruthann Hurwitz 

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Just let your pile of good things grow.

pile of rocks


Got a few fun updates for you this week :)

Y’all hanging in there???


#1. I’m back on Instagram again!

Which I still don’t get all the way, lol, but it’s been a fun way to engage with friends that don’t live on Twitter 24/7 like I do, and also a nice break from reading WORDS all day!

Come say hi if you hang out there! –> @jmoneyyyyyy

(Shout out to Jessica E. Boyd for art-ifying my profile pic)

j. money profile pic

#2. I added up a new collection on PF Swagger:

An apparel line by “Melanin Money” who’s on a mission to help 100,000 people of color invest their first $1,000 in the stock market 💪💪

melanin money merch

I’m finding out a lot of the merch in our space has an underlying (and often, overt!) mission, and at the end of the day it really isn’t about the clothes themselves but what they represent.

Learning A TON, and while I can’t rock all these shirts for obvious reasons, haha, I’ve been having a blast getting the word out and meeting new creators in the PF world :)

Next on the list: loading up Stefanie’s “Statement Cards” which again has that strong principle behind it! “Dedicated to celebrating women’s ambitions and milestones beyond marriage and motherhood. ” A bit outside of our “apparel” scope here, but trying to keep the project flexible for now and see where it wants to go… And these cards def. have that swag!

Here’s a link to the newsletter if you wanna stay in the loop with it all –>

About to start a One-on-One interview series too with the founders – so many interesting stories and backgrounds in our community!

And then something ALL y’all will probably find fun….

#3. I tried out a new money experiment!

Ever come across things you REALLY want, but they’re just too expensive for your frugal selves so you never end up pulling the trigger?

Well, after months of staring at something myself, I just couldn’t take it any longer and had to find a way TO GET IT. But without spending any of my own money :)

Came out with this random idea on Twitter and had some fascinating results!

twitter hustle

#1. I got THREE bites! I think people like helping others accomplish their goals, especially when it’s so *direct* like this.

#2. It mostly revolved around *consulting*. One person wanted to interview me for a webinar on money, another person wanted my thoughts on curation and whether there’s room for more sites in the PF space for it (there is! we need as much help as we can get getting the word out!), and then the third wanted my help coming up with a “top” blogger list to go along with an article she was writing…

#3. I spent a little over 3 hours on it all, and incidentally made $225 in the process. But here’s the interesting thing – my consulting rates typically come out to around $150/hour but RARELY do I have this much fun doing them! And certainly not at half the rate! Haha…

Which leads me to the biggest takeaway: #4. When your $$$ is earmarked for something important to you it’s a lot more motivating to shoot for. Which is why people like to label their savings account like “Vacation Fund” or “New House” or “Early Retirement”, etc, etc… And something I know deep down, yet still forget over time and fall back into the “just get more money!” strategy which is a much harder slog. I was more motivated in these three hours of work this week than any other tasks all Summer! Lol… And all for a book!


So that’s been my random week! :)

How about you?

Lots of chaos still out there, but also lots of things still in our control too.

I’m reminded of this quote 5AM Joel shared recently that I’ve tried to keep front and center:

“What if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.” – Rainbow Rowell

Just let your pile of good things grow! YES!! And what’s so great about this is that it doesn’t allow you to cancel out any of your *bad* things too which our brains tend to want to do! It merely shifts your focus to all the POSITIVE things in your life to better keep you sane! Brilliant!

So good stuff to keep in mind as the year ticks on, and I hope each and everyone of you completely gets consumed with your own piles ;)

See ya back here again next week. God bless,

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Favorite reads from around the web this week:

How to Splurge Without Guilt via A Lawyer And Her Money — “You only see others’ cheat days – not their everyday… Every year, I have one big $100 order at Sephora. That’s crazy money. And I think if someone had seen me do this (I mean I did it online, but let’s say I bought it in a store), one might think “she’s a spendthrift.”  But you have no idea what the other 364 days of the year look like.  I can spend whatever I like now during my year off because I spent my entire adult life living below my means.”

The Most Important Number in Personal Finance via Of Dollars and Data — “What is the most important number in personal finance? I used to think it was net worth, or possibly liquid net worth, but I have since come to the conclusion that these measures have some serious limitations… Let me present The Wealth Discipline Ratio™”

The “Be Do Have” Paradigm by David Yarian — “Does the following statement sound familiar to you? “If only I could HAVE a certain thing (enough money, free time, resources, new car,etc.), I would DO a certain thing (travel, do more fun activities, buy the things I want, etc.) and then I would BE a certain way (peaceful, calm, happy, etc.).””

Are Parking Spaces Profitable Investments? via Joney Talks — “What is really interesting here is that those two parking spots bought in the same city each show different results: Garage 1 was less modern but in an area with fewer parking spots. It offered lower profitability at first but then I was surprised when the real estate agent told me he managed to sell it for 50K. Garage 2 was in a more modern facility but then many extra unforeseen costs came along and it was more difficult to sell than expected.”

My Dividend Employee, Steve via Time in The Market — “Steve works 250 business days and 8 hour days. He delivers income each month based on my holdings. He reinvests everything for me because I’m in the growth stage right now, not in the withdrawal stage.”

A Roth IRA For Every Baby in America via A Wealth of Common Sense — “A lot of people are angry at the stock market right now as it continues to charge higher in the face of excruciating economic pain elsewhere. Instead of getting angry at stocks we should be doing our best to make sure more people are able to take part in the profits, cash flows and innovation produced by corporations. The stock market doesn’t care how unfair people think it is so we might as well figure out a way to help more people benefit from its growth.”


My latest project! –> PF Swagger

pf swagger

Hey guys!

Long time!

So I accidentally started a new side project while awaiting my *real* project to start, lol… (the “curation” one w/ Motley Fool still in the works…)

It’s called PF Swagger and it showcases all the hottest apparel in our personal finance space :)

I started coming across a TON of great merch as I got back into curating again (been loving it, btw! So many fun NEW bloggers out there!!) and as part of my “support everyone more” goal I started buying t-shirts left and right and wanted a fun way to get them out in front of more people…

So PF Swagger was born, and hopefully you’ll help me spread the love and support them as well! All while LOOKING GOOD doing it!! ;)


In other news…

We’re all still hunkered down, but healthy! Don’t go out much but have managed to keep our sanity by playing a lot in our yard and going on 80 walks a day… I’ve also found a great way to release stress while making the kids happy at the same time – whipping out the hose and spraying them down with water! Haha… So cathartic, and they’re none the wiser for it ;)

Also – no regrets still on selling Budgets and moving on to other interesting (and apparently now, random) things! Particularly with how the year’s gone down and all the upheaval everywhere, ugh… It’s allowed me to do some pretty serious self-reflecting lately, and any time I need a break from it all I just head to Twitter and hang out with everyone :) Come say hi if we’re not connected there yet! (@BudgetsAreSexy <— might need to change that at some point, lol…)

As I mentioned the new curation site with Motley Fool still isn’t out yet, but the latest part I’m helping them with is creating *original videos* which I’m both scripting and staring in myself (eek!). And boy how different it is compared to writing blog posts! Y’all vloggers get a new found respect from me! Took me a few videos to get over my Imposter Syndrome and self-consciousness, but we’re rolling now and just need the site to go live so I CAN FINALLY SHARE THEM WITH YOU!! I cannot wait!

And that’s all the news in my world for now! How the hell have YOU been??

Sorry for being m.i.a. for awhile… Turns out after 12 years of writing almost every single day my brain just needed a break :) But sat down this morning SUPER excited to pick up the pen (keyboard?) and connect with everyone, so please do fill me in with what you’ve been up to! I hope you’re safe and healthy, above all!

Will write again soon,

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PS: Some good reads I’ve come across lately for anyone missing our weekly roundups:

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Choose Yourself

orbiting earth


Hope you guys are well and safe and HEALTHY!!

For those who missed it, I turned in my “1 month notice” of blogging last week, and in a short couple of weeks from today I will be officially retiring from the blog after 12 straight years – Eeek!

Super excited and nervous at the same time, but it finally feels “right” and I’m ready to now redirect all that energy into another $$$-related venture :) More on that as soon as it’s live (est. launch date, July 1st), but if you’re interested in seeing who I hand-picked to carry the torch over at Budgets Are Sexy, head on over to this post here: Who the heck is 5am Joel?

This newsletter here will continue going on as it always has, so anytime you ever want to reach out just hit “reply” and I will be here! Or hit me on Twitter where I hang out throughout much the day: @BudgetsAreSexy

Much love,

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Articles I enjoyed writing recently:

“Finding Money” — An illustrated story by my 7 y/o 😂

Things I learned this week… — There’s a subreddit for “The Financially Challenged”,  you can buy a lot of random things from Japanese vending machines, haha…, theories on why people throw shoes up on telephone wires, what the Michelin Man’s real name is, and more…

Community Fund Update 💙 Batch One of Giving! — We raised a total of $665 and helped 7 different families across the country + Guatemala! Way to go, guys!

The Best Stapler For Coin Collecting — Featured on my newly revived coin blog,! The answer to this question, btw, is the Max Flat-Clinch Stapler (Full Size) 👍

Could you sell your house and all your possessions like Elon Musk? — Musk recently declared, “I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house.” followed by, “Don’t need the cash. Devoting myself to Mars and Earth. Possessions just weigh you down.” Do you agree??


Articles I enjoyed from around the web:

Strive To Wake Up And Do Nothing via Retire Before Dad — “You may not be a manager at your job, but you are the CEO of your household and your finances. So how can you take this management philosophy and apply it to your life?”

The Definitive Guide To Making A Lot More Money At Work via Banker On FIRE — “Most people make a mistake in trying to be perfect at every single aspect of their jobs, toiling away late into the night. Perfection is overrated.  Do a really good job at things that matter.  Ignore everything else.”

Choose Yourself (TEDx Talk) by James Altucher — “If you don’t make the choices in your own life, then someone else is going to end up making them for you, and it won’t be good.”

The Netherlands Pays People To Bike To Work via Huff Post — “Where just 1 percent of all journeys by U.S. residents are made by bicycle, Dutch residents make more than 25 percent of trips by bike – a higher proportion than any other country. Yet the government thinks too few citizens are cycling to work…”

And then lastly, a ditty I caught from @APurpleLifeBlog ;)

bank robbers meme


Pic up top of the Tesla Roadster orbiting Earth via Wikimedia Commons

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Choose Your Financial Vice

hopeful skies

Morning, guys!

So a BIG announcement coming Monday on the blog, but wanted to give you all the heads up here first for being one of my closest online friends :)

And that’s that I’ll be starting to transition away from Budgets Are Sexy come next week, with an official “retirement” date of June 1st as I move to a new project.

More info and details to come on Monday, but just wanted to make sure you read it here first, and to also let you know that I’ll still be around the community and having fun with ya’ll, it’ll just be at different online homes, as well as keeping this newsletter going here too…

One of the scariest things I’ll ever do as I’ve been blogging there for over *a fourth* of my life!!!, but as novelist Paulo Coelho once said, “If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal!” And I think it’s finally time for me to move onto that next phase :)

Mad mad love to all y’all, and in the meantime here are the recent popular articles from the blog lately, as well as other fun gems I found around the web.

Talk to you soon!


Popular articles on the blog recently:

We finally did our Wills and Trust!! — Took us 10 years to complete, but at least now I can die in peace and not feel too bad about it!

A *FREE* Legacy Binder on the scene — Not the fanciest for prettiest, but it gets the job done AND is free! And unlike others out there, it’s fully customizable as it’s literally a Google Doc :)

Walden – The Video Game — Henry David Thoreau didn’t see this one coming, haha… But if you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live like him, now’s your chance.

Side Hustle #80: Pet Waste Removal (aka Pooper Scooper!) — A lucrative side hustle that is apparently “a thing!” Phil who runs says you can make $60-$80/hr depending on how much you hustle…

An update on Iqbal – Remember our old friend who was suffering tremendously as a gay Muslim trying to navigate his life and finances?! Well three years later I’m proud to report he’s much happier and financially stable now!! Way to go, man!

“Friends Who Talk About Money” – A paid opportunity for an upcoming Podcast! — For those of you who’d actually like to GET PAID to talk about money all the time ;) And it’s #Quarantined approved too, as you can do it right from the comforts of your own home.


Favorite finds from around the web!

Choose Your Financial Vice via Mixed Up Money — “You need to give yourself the freedom to choose which parts of your variable expenses are most important to you… Financial vices are only vices if you don’t prepare for them.”

Rich People Doing Chores For First Time via NY Post — “I didn’t even know where to put the trash. Usually the garbage is collected by my staff and they put it somewhere.”

7 Valuable Pennies Worth up to $200,000 Might be in Your Pocket via CNBC —  “Most pennies are worth 1 cent, but to coin collectors, some are worth more than their weight in gold. Earlier this year, an ordinary looking penny made headlines when it was found among the possessions of a man named Don Lutes. The 1943 bronze Lincoln cent attracted nearly 30 bids and sold for $204,000…”

The Greatest Rulers in History Were Frugal via We Want Guac — “Lincoln entered the White House with an estate of $15,000 (which is roughly $460k in today’s dollars) and passed away with an estate worth $90,000 (which today would be $2.7 million). That means he saved $75,000 in his four years as President on a $25,000 salary. Which is a 75% savings rate. Which includes sending his kid to college and law school.”

Can’t Be No Sucka Wit Ya Money 💰 💯 via Twitter —  @Kyng_Kyren quizzes his 8 y/o son on all things finance and entrepreneurship – which he nails! (Thx for passing this over, Susan G.!)

Need to escape? These islands cost less than many L.A. homes via L.A. Times — “If you’re feeling cooped up during coronavirus restrictions, these private islands around the globe cost about the same, if not less, than a hefty number of Los Angeles homes. Don’t worry, they all come with houses.”

You can play Oregon Trail in your web browser now! via Internet Archive — Thanks for finding and sharing this, @mymoneyblog! The memories!!

oregon trail game gif


Watch out for that dysentery ;)

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It’s okay to laugh.

relative importance in 2020


Happy whatever day it is today! ;)

I know it’s wild out there, but I hope you’re still doing your best to stay sane and healthy! We’ve done exactly 1 hour of school work this week and our walls are completely covered in marker, so it’s safe to say we won’t be getting any Parent of The Year awards any time soon, haha…

But we are still safe and healthy and all bunkered down together, and I hope more than anything that you guys are just as safe as well!

As always, if you ever need someone to talk to I’m only an email away, and in the meantime here are a bunch of stuff you might find helpful/entertaining to help you pass the time in a fun and productive way…

Keep hanging in there! We’re in this together!


Popular articles on the blog recently:

5 things I learned today… — Sponsored by: THE QUARANTINE. “When you’re stuck inside every day, you happen to learn things!” ;)

Fascinating jobs + salaries across the country! — Some of the more neater jobs from Parade’s annual “What People Earn” report. Most specifically – the vending machine hustler!

7 ways to (financially) feng shui your house — If you ever wanted to talk about toilets on this blog, today’s your day!

Direct Primary Care (DPC) – A health insurance option worth looking into? — An idea to consider if you’re frustrated with all the health insurance options out there!

How I got scammed by p2b fraudsters – and how we’re fighting back — A warning about international peer to business lending platforms, specifically Kuetzal, Envestio, and more recently Monethera and Grupeer.

New book + giveaway: “The Money Tree” by Chris Guillebeau — “A compelling story with captivating characters to share its core insight: if you’re struggling with debt, there’s a way out—without giving up your lattes…”


Favorite finds from around the web! — “The first and only dating website for FIRE people.” Haha… And with over 500 users so far it seems to be doing well! ;) Sign up for it so I can live vicariously through you, please!! ;) (It’s FREE!) – “Financial advice, frugality tips, stories, opportunities, and general guidance for people who are struggling financially. No Judgement, just advice!”

It’s Okay To Laugh via Accidental FIRE — “I’ve been blogging for about 2.5 years but have never had anything truly go viral, until now. My infographic post from April 3rd, titled “Relative Importance in 2020, So Far”, has made it’s way around the world in ways I could never have imagined.”

Welcome to Your Retirement Test Drive via Retire by 40 — “I got bad news. Social distancing is your retirement test drive. This is life in retirement, on hard mode*. If you can’t deal with this, you are not ready for retirement. They aren’t exactly the same, but there are many similarities. Let’s go through some of them.”

Six Feet of Separation – A Youth Newspaper via — A purely joyful read including reviews of last night’s dinner, a homemade Mad Libs, and a pencil drawing of a bird sitting on a cat. [Hat tip to for this one out]

Get rich… in Monk Mode via The Escape Artist — “Now is the perfect time to experience what I call Monk Mode. In Monk Mode you work, you think and you rest. Then you repeat. In Monk Mode you spend NO MONEY other than needed for food and utilities.”

Man cheers up his neighbors during lockdown by putting cringey dad joke placards in his front garden via Daily Mail — “The anonymous neighbor, who lives in LA, shares daily quarantine jokes to lift the spirits in his local area.”

5 Months To Retirement: Yes I’m Still Quitting In September via A Purple Life — “As I’ve said before, I’m not afraid to be a ‘failed’ retiree. Even with all the planning in the world, any retirement can fail given the right mix of circumstances… But I am afraid to let my life or the lives of my loved ones pass me by while I sit chained to a desk.”

And then lastly, this great idea from Fritz Gilbert on coming up with enough *fun* things to do when you do finally pull the retirement chord – or even anytime, really!

“My wife came up with an innovative idea, and we’re implementing it in this final year of my working career. Every week, each of us put a note (or two) in a jar we keep for the purpose. On the note is an activity that we’d like to do. It’s typically a low-cost idea, and it can be close to home. For example, she may put in “Kayak down the Toccoa River“, and I may put in “Hike on the Appalachian trail“. Neither of us knows what the other is putting in. After we retire, we’ll pull one note per week from the jar, and do that activity in the next 7 days. This will give us 2+ years of weekly activities, with an even mix of things “He Wants” and “She Wants” to do.”


Hope you get into something fun this weekend :)

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Pass the money

coffee guy

Morning, guys!

I hope you guys are staying SANE and SAFE out there wherever you are in the world!! I know it’s crazy right now, but all things eventually pass! They always do!

In the meantime, here are some articles we posted up on the blog in recent weeks, as well as some of my favorite things I found across the web… I hope they help in some fashion!

And I’m always here if you ever need someone to talk to. Just hit “reply” and I’m all ears…



Popular on the blog:

#Overheard at The Coffee Shops… — A trip down memory lane, now being 3 weeks from my last visit! Not many financial gossips in this batch, but I sure am saving more now not being able to go to them every day! So that’s worth something, right?! RIGHT???!

A Christian’s Perspective on Debt-Free Living — A reader drops by the site to share his journey recovering from debt and what Dave Ramsey’s baby steps has meant for him and his wife.

Quarantine Check-in and Savings— A quick update on how the Money household is going through these quarantine times… (hint: there are doodles all over our walls)

Budgets are Sexy?5 AM Joel shares his thoughts on budgeting during these trying times, and admits he hasn’t been doing that great of a job with it lately! Maybe it’s time for you to reconnect with your long lost one too! :)

New Book + Giveaway: “Keys to a Successful Retirement” – Fritz’s new book comes out! If you’re a fan of The Retirement Manifesto blog you’ll be a fan of this book! And we scored 3 copies to give away before it even hits shelves! (May 5th)

Do You Feel More Prepared Having Lived Through 2008? — Caught a quote a few months ago that said over half of all millennials feel “more prepared” for the next recession having lived through 2008, and now curious if that still holds true?!


Favorite finds from around the web: — A safe visual search engine for kids! — Create a portrait of Abe Lincoln out of pennies!

Guided Meditation Video With Leon via YouTube (NSFW) — Journey into serenity with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s notoriously zen Leon, J. B. Smoove ;)

Free Mindful Budgeting Templates via Cait Flanders — “There are weekly spending sheets, a monthly budget, a monthly calendar to stay organized, and two exercises to help you do monthly check-ins to see how you’re feeling + quarterly check-ins to ensure your spending aligns with values.”

Creating a Walking Map via Prepare 2 FIRE — “In early February, I posted that I was walking each day and to make it more enjoyable I would imagine myself walking across the country. I’m walking for overall better health. While I do enjoy getting out each day, the added incentive to now see where I will end up on a map is making it more fun…”

How The Rich Are Running From Coronavirus via LA Times — “Encased in steel, the bunkers come with a variety of add-ons such as escape tunnels, hidden doors, bullet-proof glass and pepper spray portals. For those with a bit more coin, Lynch and his team will make the bunker feel like a home. “Movie theaters are common,” he said. “We built one in California that has a shooting range, swimming pool and bowling alley.””

Great Love & Great Suffering by Josh Radnor — “There’s something so moving about the millions of people taking the quarantine seriously because it signals a deep belief in community and a respect for the most vulnerable among us. I look at staying in as a civic responsibility, a powerful statement that I am a member of a community, a resident of a state, and a citizen of a country. My life is not for me and me alone.”

Parents Turn Kid’s Drawing on Wall into Framed Work of Art via My Modern Met — “After coming home to find their 6-year-old son had used a green marker to draw a little house on one of their walls, instead of bestowing punishment, they decided to frame it—just like a masterpiece in a gallery.”

And lastly, a fun poem by children’s author Amy Ludwig Vanderwater:

pass the money poem


May all those dollars return back to you as well!

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