Your head is for having ideas, not holding them

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Happy Friday!!!

Here’s a bunch of fun stuff from around the ‘net this week, mixed with some of my own thoughts on money/life/retirement…

Hope they help :)

Stuff we covered on Budgets Are Sexy:

And then here are all the things I found interesting across the web:

This list of people’s salaries –> Ask A Manager Salary Survey 2019 // Where a columnist anonymously polled her audience on how much they make, as well as other stats, and then dumped it all into a spreadsheet! (Backstory: Should You Tell the World How Much Money You Make?)

This underwater (haunted) ghost town! –> “In northern Georgia sits Lake Lanier, a massive man-made lake with a dark history. In order to get it to the depth they wanted, the US Government bought or forced out over 250 families, 15 businesses, and 20 cemeteries so they could fill over 50,000 acres of prime farmland with water. At the bottom of Lake Lanier are entire intact ghost towns, left as they were when the government flooded them… Survivors of various accidents have reported feeling as if invisible hands were dragging them deep beneath the water.” –

This fact about San Francisco –> “San Francisco has the most billionaires per capita than any other city… For every 11,612 people in San Francisco, the study says, there’s one billionaire. And that’s a much smaller ratio than the second most billionaire-dense city. In New York City, there are 81,211 inhabitants for every one billionaire.” –

This great library thread via @GrumpWitch –> Things I have learned about the general public whilst working at the library

These productivity tips from David Allen –> “Your head is for having ideas, not holding them… We have a limited amount of mental bandwidth to give to whatever we’re doing—and we shouldn’t waste any amount of this bandwidth on storing information and unresolved commitments in our head. We need to externalize those into some sort of system.” –

These thoughts from Paul Graham –> “It’s hard to beat someone at something if they enjoy it and you don’t. This is true for good things like writing and dancing and also for bad things like meanness and office politics.”

This 2nd edition of one of my favorite $$$ books that just dropped! –> “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi (affiliate link)

And this Ariana Grande parody for broke millennials ;) –> Sa-Vings – an Ariana Grande ‘7 Rings’ Parody

Good luck getting that one out of your head!

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If everything stays the same, nothing changes

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Hope things are well for ya over there!

Here are all the things we discussed this week, along with my favorite nuggets from around the web… Hope they inspire some good change! :)

Things we covered on the blog:

Things I enjoyed from around the web:

This new (to me) blogger –>

This musing on technology –> Phones smash, notebooks bend

This reason to travel more –> “When we stare at the same things we tend to think the same thoughts and feel the same feelings. When we stare at new things, new thoughts and feelings emerge. Disruption and dislocation are two spiritual principles in which I firmly believe. It may sound rather obvious to say, but if everything stays the same, nothing changes.” – Josh Radnor

This business competition you should apply for! –> “The 5 Minute Pitch is a Shark Tank like show where we’ll have 32 contestants pitch us their business for the chance to win $50,000 in prize money. But unlike Shark Tank where the sharks take a piece of equity in the business, we are giving $50,000 to one lucky company with no string attached!” –

This new show on Yahoo! Finance –>My Three Cents, hosted by Jen Rogers, features raw and spirited conversations with celebrities and other newsmakers about the role money plays in their everyday lives.” // The first one up : Comedian Nick Kroll talks life, stocks and money

This trend that dead Facebook users could outnumber the living by 2069: “The number of dead users on Facebook is growing at an unstoppable rate. In 2012, eight years after the platform launched, 30 million users had died. Today, it has over two billion users and an estimation of 8,000 users die every day. ”

This wild stat on cell phones –> “At some point in the middle of this decade, the number of active cellphone subscriptions grew larger than the number of actual people on this planet…” – Quartz

The results of that misplaced GOT cup ;)  –> “Starbucks got an estimated $2.3 billion in free advertising from ‘Game of Thrones’ gaffe, and it wasn’t even its coffee cup.” – CNBC

The reason men don’t wear dress hats anymore –> “Until cars became the dominant mode of personal transport, there was no architectural reason to take your hat off between home and office. With Dwight Eisenhower’s interstate highway system came cars, and cars made hats inconvenient, and for the first time men, crunched by the low ceilings in their automobiles, experimented with hat-removal, and got to like it.” – NPR

And this new definition of retirement:


Happy resting :)

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It’s never too late to be what you might have been

crystal ball


Welcome to the first Friday of the rest of your life ;)

Here are a bunch of things I enjoyed reading and writing this week – hope it expands your brain! 🧠

Topics we covered on Budgets Are Sexy:

Things I enjoyed around the web:

This history of how Kindergarten came to be –> “The word Kindergarten cleverly encompassed two different ideas: kids would play in and learn from nature, but they would also themselves be nurtured and nourished “like plants in a garden.”” –

This staggering fact about dollar stores –> “Four new dollar stores will open in the U.S. every single day of 2019. That’s a new dollar store every six hours. There are more dollar stores than there are Walmarts, McDonald’s and CVS stores combined.” –, via David Perell

The reason most of our coins have ridges! –> “For centuries, coins were made of precious metals — gold and silver, often — and therefore, had intrinsic value beyond their stated denominations. You could shave a bit off the edge of a coin, keep the clipped-off piece for yourself, and use the almost-complete coin in a subsequent transaction… That’s the situation in which [Sir Isaac] Newton found himself as the 1600s came to a close: coin clipping had created a culture of counterfeiting. Curtail coin clipping and you’d stem the tide.” –

The mystery of the “Millionaire Hermit” –> “He spent years scrimping and saving. But without a will, where’s his money going?”

This philosophy of The Mindful Explorer –> “I have forced myself to live smaller, earn less and own less as I reached FI and must choose between not working and working. By having to work I can not do all the volunteer work that I do in my community, thus I tell myself others will not be doing as well if I act selfishly with my time. My time should be for doing good, not for making money to spend on myself.”

And this excellent reminder by English novelist, George Eliot –> “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”

Happy becoming!

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A rolex will never buy you more time



Here are all the things I wrote about, enjoyed, and learned over this last awesome week… Would love to hear about anything you’ve come across too! :)

Things we talked about on BudgetsAreSexy:

Things I enjoyed from around the web:

This idea of reading with friends –> “For the most part, I’ve stopped reading books alone. If I’m going to invest 10-20 hours in a book, I might as well spend an extra 2-3 hours recruiting a friend to read the same book so that we can discuss it at the end. Book clubs and 1-on-1 conversations both work and so far, it’s been a success: my reading retention has skyrocketed.” – David Perell

This announcement about Amazon! –> “Beginning in July, Kohl’s will take back items you’ve ordered from Amazon and want to return for a refund. You don’t need to pack them up in a box, either; the retailer will handle all aspects of shipping and get the items back to one of Amazon’s return centers on your behalf.”

This note about 529s –> “529 plans offer a special exemption for scholarships. If your child earns a scholarship, you are able to withdraw the amount of the scholarship without paying the penalty.” –

This hack on staying productive –> “If you’re struggling to get yourself to do the vital, difference-making tasks on your list, work like the client is You in Two Years. Why two years? Two years is enough time for a few big, valuable projects to completely change your life, if you work on them like a high-value professional. It’s also a short enough period that you could completely squander it without really noticing. You can easily picture the two corresponding versions of You in Two Years.” – Raptitude

This backstory on a new blogger I came across –> “I am the son of immigrants who came to the United States of America all the way from Ethiopia. My parents came to this country with nothing to their name. I learned from them the value of hard work and the continuous need to learn and stay educated.”

This random exchange I had with Kathy Ireland (!) –> Twitter Convo

These pros of 30 year mortgages –> 11 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage

And this excellent reminder from The Minimalists –> “A rolex will never buy you more time.”

Happy weekend, everyone!

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An interview with The Man

david bowie money

Well that was a fast week!

Here are all the things we talked about on the blog this week:

If none of that whets your whistle this morning, try on one of these below!


Articles I enjoyed from around the web:

This interview by David Cain –> An Interview With The Man // “Millions of people work for The Man, and many complain about his managerial practices and his indifference to the plight of workers. I sat down with him to get his side of the story, and he was very candid.”

These thoughts on risk –> “Risk is the currency of life. NOT MONEY. If you want a BIG life, you pay for it with big risks other people are afraid to take. With everything you want, ask: what is the extra risk I am willing to take?” – @jaltucher

This new cereal for adults! –> “On April 9, 2019, Magic Spoon launched “childlike cereal for adults.” All four flavors (Fruity, Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Frosted) are not only seriously yummy, they’re also high in protein but low on carbs and calories.”
Business Insider

This interesting way of covering your tuition –> College Grads Sell Stakes in Themselves to Wall Street // “To pay for college, Amy Wroblewski sold a piece of her future. Every month, for eight-and-a-half years, she must turn over a set percentage of her salary to investors.”

These dangers of sending handwritten thank you notes –> Should You Send A Handwritten Or Email Thank You Note After An Interview? (A great follow up to the previous post on how important it is to send thank you notes in the first place (can cost you that dream job if you don’t do it!!))

This caution about overextending yourself (!!) –> 50 Cent Sells Massive Connecticut Mansion After 12 Years for an 84 Percent Loss

And this snapshot from one of my favorite coin magazines:

cost of iving in 1974

Happy weekend!

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The least important thing about you is what you have.

financial literacy map

Morning friends!

Who’s up for some early morning stats?! :)

A report just came out by WalletHub on the most financially literate – and least financially literate – states, and I was proud to see two of those I’ve called home over recent years land in the top 6.

How about yours?

The Most Financially Literate States:

  1. Virginia <— Aww yeahh!
  2. Utah
  3. New Hampshire
  4. New Jersey
  5. Minnesota
  6. Maryland <– BOOM
  7. Maine
  8. Colorado
  9. North Dakota
  10. New York

The Least Financially Literate States:

  1. Rhode Island
  2. South Dakota
  3. Hawaii
  4. Kentucky
  5. Oklahoma
  6. New Mexico
  7. Delaware
  8. Mississippi
  9. Alaska
  10. Louisiana

If yours landed in the bottom pile there, time to forward this newsletter around to everyone you know!!! ;) Details on the metrics used can be found here.


Articles I wrote this week:

MONDAY: Net Worth Report #134: $886,776.74 [+$8,778.54] — This month’s net worth report along with the rhymes and reasons behind it… Although much less rhyming than reasoning I’m afraid… (I like big budgets and I cannot lie! You other debtors out there can’t deny! Woop!)

TUESDAY: An idiot’s guide to money: Stop being broke, start building wealth — A free ebook someone came out with in hopes of inspiring others // “In 2014 my life imploded. I was renting a room I couldn’t afford, working two jobs and nursing a really serious cocaine habit. I lost pretty much everything and had to start from scratch.”

WEDNESDAY:  Happy Money vs Unhappy Money — A Marie Kondo’esque way of looking at your money ;) // “Happy Money makes people smile and feel loved and cared for deeply… It is in many ways an active form of love… Conversely, Unhappy Money is the kind of money you use begrudgingly… Money circulated in frustration, anger, sadness, and despair is Unhappy Money.”

THURSDAY: 12 Excellent Money Hacks For Ya — A bunch of notes people have shot me in recent months to better help them speed up their savings.

FRIDAY: How far have you come since 2012?! — If you’ve got a pen and paper handy, jot down what life/money was like in 2012 and then compare to how different/improved it is now in 2019! I bet you’ll be amazed at how much things have changed!


Things I enjoyed around the web this week:

This list of calculators! –> The Ultimate Directory of FIRE Calculators

This road trip idea :) –> Meet the Curiosity-Seekers and Die-Hards at the Last True Blockbuster

This interview with the granddaughter of Roy Disney –> What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend (Hat tip to Blair P for passing this over to me and highlighting one of the best lines in it: “You are who you are and the least important thing about you is what you have.”)

This scavenger hunt in your change! –> // “The Great American Coin Hunt is a plan for hundreds of coin dealers and collectors to drop an enormous quantity of vintage and collectible coins back into circulation. Here is your chance to dig through your change and find coins that have not been in circulation for decades! From Indian and wheat cents, to buffalo nickels, to Ike dollars, silver certificates, five and ten dollar blue and red seals will be spent at restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores from April 21, 2019 to April 27 2019.”

This new toilet paper ;) –> Charmin ‘Forever Roll’ toilet paper can unravel to equal height of the Washington Monument // “This 2-pound roll is said to last up to one month (depending on the user, of course) and consists of 1,700 two-ply ultra soft sheets. Laid out flat, it measures 555 feet — as tall as the Washington Monument.”

This reasoning for moving into a 665 sq ft portable cabin –> Our Story // “When the world turns upside down, things shake loose. Curiously, after the dust settles and you take a look around, you may just find that those things that were falling fast, needed to go anyway.”

And this site I hope is a joke but is probably not ;) –> // “You will learn: How to enter the elite circles ▸ How to fit into the high-society ▸ How to look like an affluent woman ▸ How to make wealthy connections ▸ How to find a rich man ▸ How to get a life full of extravagance”

Happy schooling!

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You have to “bookend” your days

bookend your days

Happy Friday!

Caught this idea from a new blogger this week, and it’s really been resonating:

“I don’t care if it’s 15-minutes, 30-minutes or more, but you have to bookend your days. What does that mean? That means you control the start of your day and the end of your day. In a crazy world where you feel like you have no control over your life, taking ownership of the start and the end of the day can be an EMPOWERING practice.”

YES!! I’ve been great at the morning part ever since implementing my “Benjamin Franklin” wake-up routine, but I’ll admit I’m not the best at closing out that second bookend of the day…

Going to make it my mission over the weekend to start being better about “me time” before bed and see if it makes as powerful of a difference as in the mornings…

If anyone wants to join me in this, let me know!


Articles I wrote on BudgetsAreSexy this week:

MONDAY: Do you treat your money differently depending on *how* you get it? — If so, you suffer from “mental accounting” just like I do ;) And this post covers how drastically I’ll treat my money depending on whether it comes from jobs, gifts, winnings, inheritances, refunds, taxes, dividends, and even anything I find on the ground… Even though all money is the same!

TUESDAY: New Book (and Giveaway): “Women with Money” by Jean Chatzky — Answer the following question in the comments and get entered to win 1 of 2 copies! “What’s the one area of your finances that stresses you out the most?”

WEDNESDAY: Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs With Low Stress — Hint: If you’re good with numbers, you get more cash :) (And if you’re good with risk, you get even more cash!)

THURSDAY: The “endowment effect” and “nudge theory” — Two more excellent examples of “mental accounting!” Which piggybacks off of Monday’s post on how we treat money differently even though it’s all the same.

FRIDAY: 15 of My Favorite Reads This Month ⭐ — Pretty much an amped up version of this newsletter you’re reading ;)


Things I enjoyed from around the web this week:

This take on writing –> “Writing is the new resume. Whether you’re building a business, leading a project, or applying for a new job, writing is how you get attention.”- David Perell

These facts on investing –> The Twenty Craziest Investing Facts Ever // “Since 1916, the Dow has made new all-time highs less than 5% of all days, but over that time it’s up 25,568%” … “Gold and the Dow were both 800 in 1980. Today Gold is $1,300/ounce, the Dow is near 26k.”

This manifesto on Progressive Minimalism –> “Progressive minimalists focus on maximizing human well-being within our ecological means through sharing work, consuming less, and spending more time in nature, with our community, and pursuing experiences we find meaningful. Less is not simply more; less is ecologically and financially sustainable.”

This article on leaving legacies –> Building Generational Wealth – The Complete Guide // “When my grandchildren are born I want to give them their inheritance. Each grandchild will receive the same amount of money, which will be $16,000. $8,000 from me, and $8,000 from Mrs. C. This money will be placed in a taxable brokerage account with their parents as the guardian until they are 18 years old… $16,000 at 8% annualized returns will be $60,000 at 18, $700,000 at 50, and $1 Million at age 55. Effectively I am funding their retirement.”

These thoughts on what we “deserve” –> My Wife Deserves a $2M McMansion // “What I think my wife wants, and what she actually wants, are two very different things. What she deserves, and what she actually values in life are completely different also.”

This life-saving penny! –> Pocket Penny That Saved Soldier’s Life to be Sold // “Pte John Trickett would have been shot in the heart if not for the coin he kept in his breast pocket. Instead, the bullet ricocheted up his nose and out through the back of his ear, leaving him deaf in his left ear.”

This musical ode to the Dollar Store –> DOLLAR STORE WITH LIZA, THE MUSIC VIDEO



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*Killer bookends up top via Etsy: Tentacle Attack Bookends

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Anything that costs you your peace of mind is too expensive

sean diddy combs hollywood star

Today’s newsletter is brought to you by P. Diddy, who brings mad insight on life such as that subject line featured up top, as well as this little clip from the hit song, “Been Around the World”:

“Now my dividends be the new Benjamins”

Haha… and let’s not forget other gems gleaned from years of empire building:

“If you want to fly, you have to give up the things that weigh you down.” – Diddy


“Don’t be afraid to close your eyes and dream but then open your eyes and see.” – Diddy

Then finally:

“Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream.” – Diddy

Thanks for all the years of rhymes and encouragement, good sir! We salute you!

And now, onto the best articles from around the web as well as my own little “diddys” I wrote this week ;)


New articles on BudgetsAreSexy:

MONDAY: When luxuries become necessities — A list of things I came up with that I once never needed in my life but now can’t live without :)

TUESDAY: Would you ever bank with Amazon, Facebook or Google? — Where we talk about the stat: “58% of Millennials would consider banking with Amazon, Facebook or Google if these tech giants enter the banking space” (NOPE!)

WEDNESDAY: 9 Questions to Ask Before Buying a House — A list of questions to help determine if you’re financially ready to buy a home or not.

THURSDAY: Do you make more than your spouse? How is it going for you?? — In which I realized that for the first time since knowing my wife she’s actually making more money than me! Hubba Hubba!

FRIDAY: Some money jokes you can use to impress people 😂 — Which includes such classics as “If you have five dollars and Chuck Norris has five dollars, Chuck Norris has more money than you” and “Did you hear about the dry cleaner who’s been accused of money laundering? He’s ironing out a deal.”


Things I enjoyed from around the web this week:

This reminder from Austin Kleon –> You’ve got to be kind.

This idea of “stripping down” and starting over –> The Full Reset // “To understand the power of starting clean, you have to know the nuance of why the Nazi military became as strong as it did. It starts at the end of World War I, when the defeated German army was stripped clean.”

This pledging of 1% of your salary to support environmental issues you care the most about –> (Hat tip to Cait Flanders who just committed to this!)

This realization of luxuries –> “One of history’s few iron laws is that luxuries tend to become necessities and to spawn new obligations. Once people get used to a certain luxury, they take it for granted. Then they begin to count on it. Finally they reach a point where they can’t live without it.” – Yuval Noah Harari

This plan from Burger King –> A month of coffee for $5? That’s Burger King’s plan to rule breakfast. // “Burger King rolled out its own coffee subscription service: a cup a day for $5 a month. The chain is betting on the service to get early risers in the door — and away from other big names in the fast-food breakfast game.”

This idea for a side hustle –> “I have a friend who flips cars as a side hustle, and the best time to flip and sell a car is around tax time. Great business model, and clears an extra $20,000 to $30,000 per year doing so.”

This auto response from someone I emailed this morning:


Unless you are very Jewish or live in Israel, you probably have never heard of the minor Jewish Holiday of Purim. It’s a fantastic story of court intrigue, politics, murder and salvation set during the time of the Persian Empire. As always, Wikipedia has you covered here: If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the Book of Esther which is the codified text of the holiday.

The tldr; of the holiday, like many Jewish holidays: They tried to kill us, God had other plans, We won, let’s eat! (The Persian plot line is more relevant today then ever.. cf. modern day Iran etc).

Anyway, I’m out partying with my family, so I’ll get back to you next week.

And lastly, this coupon that was redeemed 36 years later :)

36 year old coupon redeemed

Happy savings!

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The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant…



Caught this quote the other day and I am DYING still!!!

“The only reason a great many American families don’t own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments. ~ Mad Magazine

Haha… how true, and sad, that actually is… ;)

Lots of good discussions and finds to share with you this week… Hope you’re still getting something good out of these emails! Let me know your thoughts!


Articles I wrote on the blog:

MONDAY: Are you a member of the Mileage High Club?! ;) — A continuation of my twitter post that went viral and had everyone sharing how much more frugal they are than me, lol… Have you hit 100k on your car yet?!

TUESDAY: “Buy your home like a landlord, live like a renter.” — An excellent way of managing your home’s finances! And something I’m going to set up myself in order to better separate my emotions from it all ;)

WEDNESDAY: The World’s Best Banks According to Forbes — A survey that finally polls *real life customers* on banks they love and use vs typical business analytics… And SPOILER ALERT: USAA came in at #1 in the U.S. – woo!

THURSDAY: What are you doing with your tax refunds? — A list of 10 great ways to use your tax refund if you’re like me and prefer getting a nice chunk in the end instead of throughout the year… Which most people end up spending anyways even though they like to gripe that it’s better than “giving the government an interest-free loan!”

FRIDAY: 80 Years of Financial Hindsight — An article by an “old fart” about his thoughts and concerns on money over his 80 years of living… (Along with an excellent list of financial tips at the end from both him and me)


Places I was featured this week:

Business Insider: These 20 questions can help tell you how close you are to becoming financially independent — A spinoff of our post last week on that Financial Independence checkpoint test by Cashflow Cop.

Four Pillar Freedom: Where Were You At 23? — An old post that started getting passed around again that featured a lot of us $$$ bloggers… Here’s where I was at at 23 y/o if you’re interested ;)

“At 23 I didn’t know anything about anything relating to money, other than I REALLY wanted a lot of it and I was hoping it would magically come some how without much work on my behalf :)

Now – over 10 years later – I’m thankful that not only have I started paying attention to my finances and grown my net worth from around $20,000 to over $500,000, but that I *appreciate* what money can do and no longer chase it just to “be rich,” but more to gain *freedom*. The freedom to, ironically enough, never have to think about money again if I don’t want :)”


Things I enjoyed from around the web:

This free mindfulness course by David Cain –> 3-Minute Mindfulness (3MM) // “It comes in five simple lessons. It will teach you: What mindfulness actually is, three ways you can practice it anytime anywhere, and why you might want to do that. Your homework is literally one minute a day.” (Took this course last week and so far has stuck with me!)

This Twitter “moment” on the WWW turning 30!! –> Remembering dial-up internet as the World Wide Web turns 30

This history on Virginia lotteries –> “Lotteries date back to the earliest days of Virginia… It began in 1612 to help raise funds for the struggling Jamestown Settlement; it raised ₤29,000 for the Virginia Company. Lottery proceeds helped establish early universities (including Virginia’s College of William and Mary and University of Virginia), churches, and libraries.” –

These tips on how best to eat rolled oats –> (Scroll to the comments section where everyone chimed in after my debacle!)

These people in the “Million-Mile Club” –> The World’s Longest-Lived Cars (You will crap your pants when you see how much mileage that first person has racked up so far!!)

This article on movie money –> Where does fake movie money come from?

And this simple way to ensure you are focused on what matters –> “A simple way to ensure you are focused on what matters: Imagine everything gets wiped. You inherit no tasks or responsibilities from your past or present. Then, add back only what you miss. Choose what to add to a blank slate, not what to keep from a full plate.” – @JamesClear

Blessed weekend,

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The sweetest sound to anyone’s ears is the sound of their own name



This week I’ve been obsessing over two big things: 1) finding a way to convince my wife to let us keep renting instead of buying a home again (see blog post articles below!), and 2) trying to be better about remembering peoples names.

So far it’s a big fail on that first one, haha, however I’m proud to say that the second one has seen some major progress.


And apparently I’m not the only one who sucks at this as one post on Twitter and the internet almost breaks, haha… But as Dale Carnegie liked to say, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” And plus – it’s just a nice thing to remember as a human :)

Tips on how to be better about this can be found on that same Twitter thread, and here’s an excellent article I found on it as well that really puts things in focus: The power of using a name, via The Washington Post.

Hope you find this, and everything below, helpful!


Articles I wrote on The Budgets:

MONDAY: Net Worth Update #133: $877,998.20 [+$29,332.73] — part of our Net Worth Series where we show a real-life snapshot of money (my money!) in hopes it helps put more perspective around this stuff…

TUESDAY: My wife is itching to own a home again (!!!) — As we approach our upcoming move back to the greatest state in the nation this summer (Virginia is for lovers!), my wife’s hints of revisiting home ownership again are getting harder and harder to ignore…

WEDNESDAY: Excellent home searching advice, especially for first time buyers… — If you’re new to the home buying process, or dipping your toes back into it again after some time off like us, this is for you.

THURSDAY: Advice From a Coffee Mug ☕ — If you never thought your mug could change your life, think again ;)

FRIDAY: Where are you on your path to Financial Independence? Take this test. — Answer 20 super easy questions, and it’ll spit out your rank and where you stand in your journey towards financial freedom right now :)


Places I was featured this week:

Business Insider: 7 money habits that have a high rate of return — This is an oldie from my blog, but still jam packed with nuggets that’s sure to excite any wallet out there ;) Habit #6 is is my favorite.


Things I enjoyed around the web:

This personal finance tip from Nicki Minaj –>Don’t spend your tax refund

This mega way of paying it forward –> D.C. restaurant feeds the poor and homeless every single day // “This immigrant-owned restaurant in Washington, D.C. just blocks from the White House feeds the homeless and poor every single day as if they were full paying customers, no questions asked.”

This idea on limiting phone use –> “We are trying a new routine at our house from now on. We are putting the phones in a kitchen drawer from the time we both get home from work until the baby goes down for bed. Once the baby is secured, the phones can come back out.” – Ramp Capital LLC

This wild fact about $100 bills! –> There are more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills, and it makes no cents // bonus point for the pun!

This backstory on Justin Bieber’s mom –> // don’t ask me why I was googling that, haha…

These random invention facts –> “It took 50 years after the invention of canned food for someone to invent the can opener. And we put a man on the moon before we put wheels on suitcases. How is that possible? The can opener had to wait for thinner cans: early tins were too hefty to submit to anything less than a chisel. In the case of wheeled luggage, the barrier may have been social acceptance. Luckily Robert Plath, who patented the two-wheeled Rollaboard in 1991, was a Boeing 747 pilot with Northwest Airlines, who began selling his invention to other pilots and crew. When passengers began asking to buy them, he started the Travelpro company.” – Rory Sutherland via David Perell’s newsletter

This children’s book my boys and I are obsessed with –>Little Pea” by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

little pea book

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And this beautiful love a mother in our community has for her son who was recently diagnosed with cancer –> “just came out of hospital bathroom after shaving my head again… His eyes light up.. he says “MAMA! They gave you the medicine so your hair doesn’t grow!!!” I said yep…He reaches for me.. hugs me..Pulls me back to smile at me and says “I love you mama” and gives me a big fat kiss on the lips… This is what I live for. To make that boy smile and show him I care and now I’m crying in the bathroom.” – @FrugalPharm

Every day really is a blessing,

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* Subject line adapted from a quote by Rear Admiral, Robert C. Lee

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