a man is not a money plan

Fave Reads This Week 💻

| October 7th, 2022

Happy Friday!! Caught a lot of great articles in the space this week, and they’re all dumped below… Hope you’ve been enjoying these since I came back! If not, just click that ‘unsubscribe’ link down below and as soon...

let that shit go

How will you take advantage of today?

| September 30th, 2022

Good Morning! ☕ A fresh new day has arrived! What are you planning on doing with it??? :) I was on a podcast recently, and at the end of it they asked me where people could find me and what my next goals were, and without hesitation I...

j. mone and trip of a lifestyle

FinCon, Friends & Favorites ✨

| September 16th, 2022

Good morning! I survived FinCon! Here are a bunch of pretty pics to prove it :) Me and the incomparable Trip of a Lifestyle duo – Steven and Lauren. Who both retired at 29 and now travel the country and wherever they want! Been...