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Good morning!!

Lot’s of wonderful beautiful things to share with you today!

#1. I’m giving out a bunch of new $$$ books on the blog!! Covering everything from savings tips to hustling hacks to making yourself rich to my personal favorite – bettering yourself with each passing day. All you have to do is tell me which one you want in the comments of the post and you’re entered! More here

#2. The 401(k) Champions contest is now open for the year! Where you answer a brief question about your love of 401(k)s in essay form, for a chance to win one of three $1,000 cash rewards. Last year ALL THREE winners came from my audience here, so hopefully the trend continues and YOU are one of the lucky winners this year ;) Enter here –>

#3. I have a new obsession: yoga! Been meaning to try it for years, then one day last week I decided to just muster up the courage and start and I’ve now gone 8 times in one week, lol… I guess when I like something I really go ALL IN 😂 Look for a blog post on it soon, but if it’s something that’s been on your mind lately too – make it your mission to try it out this weekend once and for all! You never know what’ll go on to change your life #Namaste

#4. My 11 yr old has his first cell phone 😬😬 I wanted to wait a couple more years, but apparently in 6th grade they’re basically required, ugh… BUT! We found a place that lets you use all the main communication features of a smart phone without all the *internet access* (ie a phone that just calls and texts and does a few apps like games, but can’t get on social media/etc) so that made us a bit more comfortable… Even though of course this is also easily solved by picking up an old school clamshell phone!, but apparently that’s “not cool” so at least it now *looks* like my kid has a bad ass smart phone and no one has to know it doesn’t do any of the juicy stuff, lol..

The company is called Gabb btw if you’re in a similar position (I’m not affiliated with them at all): Costs us more than it does our *own* phone plans! ($30/mo vs $20/mo w/ Mint Mobile!) but hey – it does the trick and has been working out pretty well over the weeks!


Okay that’s all the news for this week… When you’re done with the above, check out some of the articles below that I’ve hand-picked for you – especially that first one. It’s where the title of today’s newsletter comes from which cracked me up as much as it did inspire me 😆 👍

Your friend in adulting,

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Favorite articles this week:

Tomorrow Is Not Your Friend @ — “It’s natural to think of tomorrow in an opportunistic way. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start… but so was today! Remember when you thought so yesterday? Since we only live in today and it accurately predicts what we’ll do later, tomorrow is relatively worthless. And that’s not all. Tomorrow’s mere presence seems to lead us into poor decisions. Not only is it not your friend—tomorrow is your enemy!” (shout out to Apex Money for finding this gem)

Why Getting Fired and Dumped Were the Best Things to Happen to Me All Year @ A Lawyer and Her Money — “We don’t talk enough about the kind of person you become when you are pursuing your goals. We don’t talk enough about how the person you marry, the person you work for, and the people you associate yourself with – all these people affect who you will become, who you are currently becoming.”

Lifestyles of the Monks and Irish @ The Best Interest — “A group of monks rowed 12 miles out to sea (no motors, mind you) to a steep, barren, half-mile diameter rock completely exposed to the elements. Then, in the words of Eamon, our island guide, “They spent their lives hauling rocks and praying.” Fun!”

The 4 Types of Leverage to Supercharge Your Income @ Of Dollars and Data — “If you want to supercharge your income, you have to use leverage. Whether we employ labor, raise capital, craft content, or write code, each form of leverage offers its own unique benefits and challenges.”

The Magic Loop @ Lenny’s Newsletter – “The Magic Loop is a process through which any employee may systematically grow at a company. It is reliable in its results, with a simple core of five basic steps. In this post, we first present the Loop in its most straightforward model. We then follow up with variations, optimizations, and special circumstances that users will find over time.”


Quote of the Week:

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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