// Resume of Failures

I’ve done a lot of things well, but also a lot of things not so well. Here is a list of all my fails, inspired by Johannes Haushofer’s CV of Failures:


2017: Commissioned a series of articles for $2,800 and then scrapped them

2016: Had to bring $14,000 to the table in order to get rid of our house

2016: Launched a successful podcast, then left the successful podcast

2013-2016: Lost over $90,000 due to cash flow issues

2013: Invested $6,000 into a friend’s company and lost it all

2012: Invested $10,000 in another friend’s company and lost $6,000

2010-2013: Launched a number of websites that never panned out, despite how cleverly I named them ;)

  • TakeOurStuff.com – a site where every week we gave away something cool
  • BlogSexier.com – A blog on how to blog better
  • GiveawaysAreSexy.com – A blog all about giveaways (sensing a theme?)

1997-present: Imposter Syndrome

Awards did not win:

6th Annual Plutus Awards: “Best Collaborative Project for Personal Finance”

6th Annual Plutus Awards: “Lifetime Achievement”

4th Annual Plutus Awards: “Blog of The Year”

3rd Annual Plutus Awards: “Best Single-Author Personal Finance Blog”