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Hope your lives and wallets got a bit more full this week! It does feel like things are finally starting to get a little better in the world, doesn’t it?? Even if it’s slow and gradual? :)

A quick note before we get to the articles this week:

We’re hiring at All-Star Money! We’re looking for a part-time Community Manager to join the team, initially helping us out with content creation/distribution and engagement across our social channels and newsletters, and then secondarily helping with marketing campaign development and execution.

And in a perfect world, this person will come from the PF Community here we all enjoy and love so much :) So if you’re interested or know someone you think would make a good fit, please pass them our way to apply! Details can be found here: https://www.fool.com/allstarmoney/jobs/

Also – if you’re into podcasts – I recorded one recently with Andrew Stotz whose entire show is all around investing FAILS, lol… How brilliant is that???! And of course many of you will know what my biggest one was, which later went on to completely change my life – and money, friends, career, mindset, everything! Proving yet again how fails aren’t always the worst thing in the world :)

You can listen to the story here, as well as other things I’ve learned about money and life over the years. It’s fairly short at 33 mins:

Ep348: J. Money – Break Free From the Crowd to Make
Better Financial Decisions

investment fail podcast

Now to my favorite articles from the week!

Sports Cards Collection: How To Inventory, Appraise, and Sell To Make Money by OMG My Money – This is part I of a 4 part series where a new blogger friend of mine is going to share the process of liquidating a card collection from start to finish! In particularly, MY card collection from when I was a kid!! Which I’ve been trying to get rid of for years now, but both emotional attachment – and not knowing the best way to sell them? – kept blocking me along the way. As soon as I saw this finance blog which also writes about collecting I knew there was hope so I reached out and now here we are! My guestimation was that the entirety of it all was worth somewhere around $500, so we’ll see how close (or not) I was! :)

What I Learned From Collecting Basketball Cards via Budgets Are Sexy — Going through the above reminded me of a post I wrote a few years ago on my cards (WOW – 10 years ago actually!!!). “GIVE YOUR MONEY A PURPOSE! Whether it’s for debt, college, a new couch – it doesn’t matter. If you can get into the habit of making your money do the things you want it to do, rather than lumping it all together just for the sake of saving, I think you’d come to have a much better appreciation for it like I did.”

How We Removed 80% of Our Unhappiness in The Home via Keepin’ It Frugal — “Just like it’s important to have a regular decluttering practice for physical or digital items, every so often it’s time to take stock of the ‘pebbles’ in your life to see what can be removed.”

How the Bottom-Dollar Effect Can Help Curb Your Spending via Money Ning — “Basically, when we spend the last of our resources on a product, we end up feeling much less satisfied with it. Here’s a breakdown of the bottom-dollar effect and how you can harness it to make better spending decisions…”

5 Lies About DIYing We’re Seriously Sick of Hearing via Bitches Get Riches — “This project can be done in a weekend! … A weekend on the Island of Mermaids, in Never-Never Land, where a single weekend lasts ten thousand years.”

Why You Need an Untouchable Day Every Week via Harvard Business Review — “Some days it can feel impossible to escape constant meetings and phone calls that get in the way of your personal productivity. Here’s one method for getting back some of that precious time.”

Creating A Successful Financial Galaxy Starts With A Black Hole via Penny Pinching Ninjas — “You cannot construct your financial galaxy with debt at the center, acting as a monstrous gravitational force. This creates a system where the pull for your money is coming from a destructive force of doom.”

Make Fewer Things Matter via The Finance Buff — “Making fewer things matter helps you zero in on things that really matter. It also helps you ward off FOMO and sales pitches. FOMO and sales pitches always try to grab your attention by saying you’re making a mistake.”

Why I Did My Own Death Cleaning at 39 via No Sidebar — “Death cleaning goes a step beyond decluttering in that once you decide the things that you want to keep, you provide guidance to your loved ones as to what to do with those items after you die.”

And lastly, a Financial Freedom Recipe by Penny Pinching Ninja ;)

  • 1 Pinch: Not having debt
  • 1/2 Dollop: Living below our means
  • 2 Dashes: Consistently investing the difference
  • Whisk all ingredients together and bake for 15 years.
  • **For best results, bake for life!

Happy baking! 💰

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