A new experiment!

Hi! 👋👋

Started a new – random! – experiment last week and just blogged about it!

If you’re into charity or giving back or just like watching someone make a fool of himself, then you’ll want to check it out ;)

It’s been so freakin’ fun – and nerve-racking – but I haven’t felt this *alive* in a while. If you’ve been thinking of an idea yourself over there for a while, I challenge you to take ONE step today and put it into motion. You automatically win just by DOING SOMETHING about it instead of *thinking* 24/7!

And if you don’t know what to work on next, try this out that I learned from Netflix’ new documentary, Stutz (brilliant btw, and I used to not be a fan of Jonah Hill!):

“When you’re stuck, just sit down with a notepad and start writing… your brain has things it wants to say even if you don’t know what they are.” (paraphrased)

Hope you’re well :)

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PS: I’m also in the middle of two other experiments: not wearing any underwear (three weeks in and it’s great!) and running 10 miles a week (1 week in and it’s NOT so great, bleh…)


Some articles I’ve enjoyed lately:

I Want to Lose Every Debate @ Sivers — “I never want to debate, but if I had to, I would hope to lose. I don’t want to convince anyone of my existing perspective. I would rather be convinced of theirs. It’s more interesting to assume that they are right.”

My Experience with Check Fraud – And What You Can Learn From It @ Oblivious Investor — “Below is the check I wrote. And below [that] is what the check looked like, when it was cashed/deposited. Apparently somebody intercepted the check, chemically “washed” it to remove the ink on specific portions of the check, and wrote in a new payee, amount, and (partial) memo.”

Could You Live on $25k a Year… And Be Happy? @ Money and Meaning — “My last 30 years were based on three philosophical, environmental, and financial beliefs:  spending more money wouldn’t make me happier, spending more money would degrade the environment, and spending more money meant I would have to work more years.”

Masterfully Crafted: How ChatGPT Wrote a Compelling Article on the Power of Saving and Investing @ Route to Retire — “I thought it would be fun to put ChatGPT on the task of creating a personal finance post for Route to Retire… What you’re about to read is a simple article that’s 100% generated from ChatGPT… in seconds.”

Prepare for the Unexpected Mini-Retirement @ Jillian Johnsrud — “Life can be unpredictably fragile and short. You just never know. You never know if you’ll have a hundred other chances to experience your dream, or perhaps this is the last chance for that dream. Save the money, make a plan, and when the opportunity arises, grab your go bag. And go.”

What is The Net Worth of Josh Dorkin @ JoshuaDorkin.com — “If we take these lists and put them together, it is obvious that Josh has far more assets than liabilities, and as such, has a very high life net worth of over 20 million minutes and almost 400,000 hours of great experiences. He strongly encourages everyone reading to figure out the millions of minutes of net worth that they have themselves.”

It’s Time To Uncomplicate Your Health And Wealth @ A Teachable Moment — “It’s rare to find a situation where simplifying lifestyle or financial choices doesn’t result in a better outcome for end-users… The same goes for investing. Trying harder by creating costly complexities is a poor substitute for bare-boned and easy-to-understand investments.”


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