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Here are some good nuggets for your perusal over the holiday weekend…

Hope both you – and your wallet – are safe! :)

Things we talked about on the blog this week:

Things I found interesting on the web this week:

This map of credit scores (good job, Minnesota!) –> The Average Credit Score By State

This amazing story of persistence –> “In 1978, Jadav Payeng began planting a tree every day for 37 years  – the results are stunning.” – Twitter (video)

This experiment by David Cain –> “I’m going to see if I can make my phone into the empowering digital supertool it would sound like to a 20th-century person. I want it to be as useful, and as boring, as I can make it. I want it to be attractive for intentional, practical uses, but not for a reflexive diversions—a Swiss Army knife, not a carnival, in my pocket. This is my latest lifestyle experiment. I will make my phone as utilitarian as possible, for 30 days, and see what I learn.”

These walkie-talkie “smart” phones for kids –> (Maybe the antidote to the above experiment?!)

This prompt from Kathleen Celmins –> “When in doubt, create. It is so stupid easy to consume. We consume content as if scrolling is our job. But consuming content is not going to move the needle for any of us. Instead, when you’re feeling stuck, create something. Write a post. Record a video. Make the thing that consumers will scroll through. Take advantage of the world we live in and hit publish before you’re ready.”

This lady burglar and her mysterious trunk –> “Barbara Erni stole from countless inns thanks to a chest with a secret hidden within.” –

That time someone sold me their coin collection ;) –> That Day I Sold My Coin Collection to J. Money…

And these thoughts from Peter Horsfield –> “In life I believe we are given signs. In fact I literally saw mine walking to work. “Better, Not Bigger” flashed before me as the bus turned the corner and speed off. Since then this “simple” message changed my perspective of life to its core; rippled through my business dealings, relationships, health, experiences and goals, to what I believe and doing so helped me to reveal the more authentic me.”

See ya back next week :)

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