Do you like the person you’re becoming?

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Good morning!

And a happy early Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there!!! Thanks for all you do, especially for creating us! ;)

Lots of great stuff out there this week so let’s just dive in!

Favorite finds from around the community:

These long distance friendship lamps –> Friendship Lamps

This way to see if you’re a good person or not, lol –> The “Shopping Cart” Theory

These three types of crypto investors (I’m the middle one – the worst!) –> Three Types of Investors

This stuff you can learn from minimalism, even if you’re nowhere close to adopting it –> Let’s Clean This Mess Up

These pros and cons to Real Estate Syndication (been hearing a lot about it lately and Joel does a great job breaking it down in this post) –> What’s a Real Estate Syndication?

How much these famous memes have been selling for –> Meme NFTs!

This story at the center of this article! –> Leaving a Legacy That Matters

These thoughts on investing by Darius Foroux –> “Investing is not a goal, activity, or task; it’s a habit. It’s something you do regularly, just like you work out, meditate, read, or anything else that takes time to yield results.”

This strategy for when you want to create something but you don’t know where to begin –> The Soulja Boy Strategy

This post on efficiency –> Efficiency is the Enemy

This video that I teared up on bad!! –> I Was Almost A School Shooter [7:28]

This question to think about over the weekend –> Do You Like the Person You Are Becoming?

Be well 🙏🙏

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