Just that you do the right thing.

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Morning everyone!

Hope things are well! :)

Here are the latest articles on Budgets Are Sexy, as well as other fun nuggets from around the web this week.

This week on Budgets Are Sexy:

Things I found interesting around the web:

This insight from Ryan Holiday –> 32 Thoughts From a 32-Year-Old

This “Little Free Library” with a twist! –> Little Free Pantries

This magazine completely dedicated to 401k’s (hah!) –> 401k Specialist

This side gig ;) –> Wanted: Someone to eat ribs and travel the country. Salary: $5,000 a week

This piece on how modern life is transforming the human skeleton –> “From the emergence of a spiky growth at the back of some people’s skulls to the enigmatic finding that our elbows are getting narrower, our bones are changing in surprising ways.” – BBC.com

This breakdown of our world –> “If 100 people lived on Earth, 56 would have no internet, 14 wouldn’t be able to read, 13 would have no clean water, and 1 would have 50% of the money” – If 100 People Lived on Earth… [2 min video]

And this quote from Marcus Aurelius (which you can also get on a coin!):

“Just that you do the right thing. The rest doesn’t matter. Cold or warm. Tired or well-rested. Despised or honored. Dying…or busy with other assignments.”

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