The reason you can’t see your own greatness

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Here are this week’s favorite finds and articles from around the web – starting with my own ;) Hope you find something good here!

Articles on Budgets Are Sexy:

Things I found interesting around the web:

This app that helps you be more present –>

This history of the dollar symbol ($) –> Curious Origins of The Dollar Symbol

This list of the best biohacks and smart drugs –>

This car ;) –> World’s most famous Bond car from Goldfinger and Thunderball to sell for £4.7million – and it comes complete with machine guns, tyre slashers and bullet-proof glass

This stamping effort for those who can’t wait anymore –> Harriet Tubman is already appearing on $20 bills whether Trump officials like it or not

This guy who makes wedding rings out of trees! –> “Hyldahl has devised a method of tying half-knots into growing twigs on his trees. He wraps the twigs around a ring-sized form, then lets the tree grow. With a douse of his special frankincense oil, luck and a few years, the knotted ends of the twigs ultimately graft themselves into a seamless ring.” –

And this reason you can’t see your own greatness –> “You are the wine inside the bottle. You know everything about your varietal, the alcohol content, the minerality, the residual sugar, the something something wine words, you get the idea. But there are things you can’t see. You can’t tell what your label looks like (only what the labels next to you look like). You can’t tell what part of the shelf you’re sitting on. You can’t tell whether you’re the cheapest thing at the convenience store or the highest-end bottle at the wine shop. THAT is why you need an outsider’s perspective. Someone to tell you what your label looks like, or whether you need to make a few adjustments so you can be on a different shelf.” – Kathleen Celmins

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