Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

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Happy Friday y’all!

Here’s our latest roundup of gems from around the web, including some of my faves we’ve ran on Budgets Are Sexy recently…

Lots of great articles and ideas here for your wallet’s enjoyment! Have a blessed Thanksgiving next week – thanks for being in my life! 🙏🦃


Favorite articles on the blog:

A list of scary things I used to be addicted to (!) — “For a good challenge the next few days, make a list of all the things you catch yourself doing – whether personally, professionally, or financially – and then see if any surprises stand out… I guarantee you’ll find something you don’t like.”

Ben Franklin: The OG of FIRE? — “Frugal Wheels stops by the blog today to challenge my notion that Warren Buffett was the original Early Retiree from our country, haha… But nope! Apparently ol’ Benny Franklin was ;)”

How much do you need for a day of *Freedom*? — “A fun exercise to better put things in perspective – try it out! And then add it to your monthly spreadsheet/tracking so you can watch it change over the years :)”

Side Hustle #76: Selling “Printables” for Passive Income — “Millennial Boss stops by the blog to share her experience selling printables on Etsy… I’ll let her tell you just how much she’s made over the years (hint: it’s in the thousands!), but I love that it took her some experimenting to finally land on the perfect product to focus on, and even more so how she set it up to be more passive!”

Things you can do that rich people do — “Might want to bookmark this one for whenever you’re feeling down :) A list of everything you can do whether you’ve got millions in the bank or not…”

Our “No Spend” Year — “A fantastic journey from Allysgrandma who took on a No Spend Year this year and is now going on indefinitely… Amazing how well we can adapt (and save!!!) when we actually focus and get a little creative!”

Remember when you wanted what you currently have? — “Don’t stop striving, but remember you’re doing a lot better than you used to be…”

Side Hustle #77: Online Proofreading/Editing ($1,600/mo) — “Do you like reading? Do you enjoy correcting other people’s mistakes? Are you well-versed in English grammar? Do you dream of semicolons and ellipses chasing you in your nightmares? Well, if three of those four questions sound like you, then you might be good at proofreading/editing online content as a side hustle!”


Favorite articles around the web:

Where Husbands Hide Money During Divorce via The Financial Lifeguard — “Today’s divorcing husbands have moved way beyond stashing a roll of cash in their sock and underwear drawers. In this digital age where everything is trackable, they’ve had to get creative. Here are some of the interesting ways he might be hiding cash or assets from you.”

How to Get a Better Deal From a Real Estate Agent via NY Times — “When I bought a home a few months ago, my real estate agent handed me a check worth tens of thousands of dollars — a rebate on his commission. Windfalls like that could become more common if home buyers demand better deals.”

The Eco-Friendly Giving Brush via — “There are over 7 billion people in the world. 99% of those people brush their teeth with a standard plastic toothbrush that will eventually end up in landfills and our oceans… The Giving Brush is made from organically grown bamboo.”

How I got rich on the other hand via Derek Sivers — “I don’t usually talk about money, but a friend asked me what it was like to get rich, and he wanted to know specifics, so I told him my story.”

Own One Car For Show And Another Car For Dough via Financial Samurai — “For those of you who love cars and want to own two or more cars, I suggest owning at least a Dough Car. If you do, you might build your net worth quicker than the rest. You might even better keep yourself out of trouble. ”

The Financial Freedom Calculator via Engaging Data — “Freedom days refers to the number of days that your retirement savings could sustain you (without working) each year (indefinitely) at your current spending level. Once you reach 365 freedom days per year, you’ve got enough money saved up to never have to work again.”

The Financial Flight – A Craft Beer Menu Of Personal Finance via Financial Mechanic — “While in Vermont, Mr. Mechanic and I visited a few different breweries. One of my favorite things to do is read each beer description– they are so artfully written! So I thought it would be fun to make up a “financial flight” of craft beer. I hope it’s everything I’ve hopped it up to be.”

And lastly, the Playing With FIRE documentary is now out :) You can find it on Amazon here — “Playing with FIRE: A Documentary that captures the truths and dispels the myths of the growing culture known as FIRE: Financial Independence Retire Early.”

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