Your head is for having ideas, not holding them

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Happy Friday!!!

Here’s a bunch of fun stuff from around the ‘net this week, mixed with some of my own thoughts on money/life/retirement…

Hope they help :)

Stuff we covered on Budgets Are Sexy:

And then here are all the things I found interesting across the web:

This list of people’s salaries –> Ask A Manager Salary Survey 2019 // Where a columnist anonymously polled her audience on how much they make, as well as other stats, and then dumped it all into a spreadsheet! (Backstory: Should You Tell the World How Much Money You Make?)

This underwater (haunted) ghost town! –> “In northern Georgia sits Lake Lanier, a massive man-made lake with a dark history. In order to get it to the depth they wanted, the US Government bought or forced out over 250 families, 15 businesses, and 20 cemeteries so they could fill over 50,000 acres of prime farmland with water. At the bottom of Lake Lanier are entire intact ghost towns, left as they were when the government flooded them… Survivors of various accidents have reported feeling as if invisible hands were dragging them deep beneath the water.” –

This fact about San Francisco –> “San Francisco has the most billionaires per capita than any other city… For every 11,612 people in San Francisco, the study says, there’s one billionaire. And that’s a much smaller ratio than the second most billionaire-dense city. In New York City, there are 81,211 inhabitants for every one billionaire.” –

This great library thread via @GrumpWitch –> Things I have learned about the general public whilst working at the library

These productivity tips from David Allen –> “Your head is for having ideas, not holding them… We have a limited amount of mental bandwidth to give to whatever we’re doing—and we shouldn’t waste any amount of this bandwidth on storing information and unresolved commitments in our head. We need to externalize those into some sort of system.” –

These thoughts from Paul Graham –> “It’s hard to beat someone at something if they enjoy it and you don’t. This is true for good things like writing and dancing and also for bad things like meanness and office politics.”

This 2nd edition of one of my favorite $$$ books that just dropped! –> “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi (affiliate link)

And this Ariana Grande parody for broke millennials ;) –> Sa-Vings – an Ariana Grande ‘7 Rings’ Parody

Good luck getting that one out of your head!

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