Fake Coins & Juicing Adventures

Good morning fiscal friends!!

Been a fun couple of weeks over here…

First, I find a handful of rolled coins in my safe that I had long forgotten about (!!), and then I use said rolls (+ $100 more) to pick up a new long board to add to my family of boards!

Take a look at this beauty…  It’s a surfboard on wheels!!! Lol…

biggest long board ever
[That middle board is pretty big in itself, so comparingly this new one is a behemoth!]

coin rolls in safe
[$80 worth of change found – woo!]

I also finally put together two bigger than usual posts that I’ve been working on that I hope you’ll like…

The first is the story on how I became addicted to juicing this past month (veggie juice!!! A game changer!!) and the other on how I figured out a bunch of coins I was evaluating for a client WERE FAKE!! $500+ worth! (Never fun to realize)

Hope your week has been just as eventful!

More great articles worth your time down below – particularly the first one 🙏


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Articles I enjoyed around the web this week:

change the world

The Beginning, Again @ Love Bomb Team — My boy Nate reboots his old weekly missions!! “Change the world in just 10 minutes a week!” Come join us! :)

Finding Hope @ Humble Dollar — “I quickly learned that my wife had been hiding accounts, credit cards and a post office box from me… I discovered that we had a combined debt of $200,000, not including our mortgage. I was embarrassed that I was so out of touch and let things get so out of control.”

What Would Sunshine Do? @ No Sidebar — “Sunshine is the best me that I can be but she isn’t the best. She still makes awkward small talk with strangers and creates way too many dishes when cooking dinner. She tries her best though and that is what is most important to remember.”

The Many Flavours of FI @ Money Flamingo — “Financial Independence is a fantastic concept and a very worthwhile goal. However, the truth is that the plain vanilla version (aka standard FIRE) isn’t an ideal fit for everyone…This has led to the birth of many new “types” of Financial Independence that reflect the different values and priorities, life circumstances and financial objectives within the broader FIRE movement.”

17 Questions That Changed My Life [PDF] via Tim Ferriss — “Reality is largely negotiable. If you stress-test the boundaries and experiment with the “impossibles,” you’ll quickly discover that most limitations are a fragile collection of socially reinforced rules you can choose to break at any time.” [Thanks to Apex Money for finding this one!]

Does all the financial advice you need still fit on an index card? @ Wallet Hacks — “Over ten years ago, Harold Pollack interviewed Helaine Olen and famously said that the best financial advice for most people could fit onto an index card… I was curious: How does it look after ten years? Does it still fit in a world where people shell thousands on an NFT or cryptocurrency? What about when interest rates are the highest it has been in decades?”

Time to FIRE Spreadsheet 2023 (Template for Google Sheets & Excel) @ Accidentally Retired — “There are many amazing retirement simulators out there like Empower’s and CFIREsim This is not one of them. In my Time to FI Spreadsheet, you plug in a few things and you’re done! It’ll give you a general idea of your “Time to FI” and you can begin to eye potential retirement dates.”

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life @ Rich In What Matters — “An area of my friend’s life that had felt stagnant now felt revived, all thanks to changing her environment. An uncluttered space shifted her outlook to a more positive space.”


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