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On a scale from 1-10, how bad do you want that mug? 😂

I don’t know where you can get it (someone Google!), but it went viral on The Twitter this week and of course had to pass it along to you… Spreadsheets Are Sexy .com!!!

In other news, I still haven’t figured out what to do with myself, but it did dawn on me lately that I’m officially WifeFI’d – financially independent enabled by my wife who still works, lol… An interesting place to be, and one that now marks financial stage #6 for me! Going from SINK to DINKs to SINKs to SIKs to DIKs (hah!) and now to WIFEFI’d – all across a span of 25 years.

More in the first blog post linked below, but would love to hear what stage you’re in?! Check out the post and then email me back with which one listed best aligns with you :) And if you’re not happy with it, here’s to changing it in the future!! If I can ever help with anything, just shout 👊

Your fiscally sexy friend,

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Posts on Budgets this week:

WifeFI Status Activated⚡ — In which I realize I’m WifeFI’d! “Financially Independent, enabled by my wife who still works” lol… Check out the post and see which financial stage *you’re* currently in!

New Books on The Scene 📚 –A review of 4 new financial books that recently hit our community online… Covering everything from death to consumerism to the service industry to financial feminism and even stripping ;) Never know what you’re gonna get these days from us! Lol…

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Favorite Articles Around The Community:

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Ending my 40s… @ Money and Meaning – “I don’t know what the next decade will bring, but I know that, me, my 49 year-old self cannot imagine it. And that is a wondrous freedom. FIRE gave me my financial liberation, but the real liberation has been surrendering to the call and letting go. Giving a grateful yes to everything given, including, especially, the things I did not want.”

Ineffective Altruism @ Young Money – “No one is a villain in their own mind, and Robert had spent years searching for a cure, attempting to cleanse the world of this vampiric disease. But to this new vampiric order, Robert was the disease that needed to be cleansed.”

Simple Clutter-Free Habits to Do in Just a Minute @ Maximum Gratitude, Minimal Stuff – “Keep a box in a handy spot – by the back door, in the coat closet, in the garage, or somewhere else – so that every time you see something that should be decluttered you have a place to put it.  Once a month, or whenever the box is full, sell, donate, or toss everything in it.”

How I Turned $15,000 Into $1.2M During the Pandemic – Then Lost It All @ The Guardian – “In my own unimaginable financial folly, I had inhabited several distinct psychological pathologies: greed, which obscured what was there in favor of the ever-present more that might be, and the desperate attempt to regain what was lost, which obscured what might still be. In the end, I spent almost none of the money on myself, or on anyone else.” [h/t: A Gai Shan Life]

Contemporary Art vs. S&P 500: Paul Allen’s $1.6 Billion Art @ My Money Blog – “I can see art as as an asset class having positive long-term returns in the future, and I can see it having a rather low correlation to stocks, but I suppose that I have a hard time seeing it return something amazing and consistently better than the S&P 500.”

When the Existential Feelings Get Heavy: How to Feel Happier Every Day @ Live FI Now – “All of the goals I’m working towards were exciting to me when I set them (and are still worthy of pursuing) but sometimes the progress feels slow and I find my motivation waning. I fall back on discipline when motivation swings back and forth, but really I think the missing element here is excitement. So how do we find excitement in our day-to-day lives and feel happier every day?”

You Have the Frugal Right to Repair Your Shit. Or Do You? @ Bitches Get Riches — “A movement has sprung up to challenge some of the more insidious practices of manufacturers driving over-consumption. It’s called the Right to Repair movement. And these crafty, pedantic luddites are so my people.”

Boring is Beautiful in Investing @ A Wealth of Common Sense – “”All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” – Blaise Pascal”


Video of The Week:

Your Coffin Isn’t Hitched To a U-Haul. @ The Minimalists — “In this short video, Joshua, Ryan, and T.K. speak with hospice-care physician Zach Bush, MD, about the fascinating practice of Swedish Death Cleaning and how to avoid burdening loved ones with stuff once we’re gone.”




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