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Hello friends!!!

We are officially live and out the door now with Budgets Are Sexy and it’s been a whirlwind!!! So many emotions and friends and re-unitings over here :) And to think I almost said “no thanks’ to the opportunity – ack!!! Would have been living in a (much more boring) alternative universe right now!

We kicked off the week with 3 new articles featured below, so if any of them look interesting just click away and get caught up on the past couple of years!


Post #1: Actually you can ignore this one as it’s just a “we’re coming back” note for everyone not on this list or who follow me on social – which is like 90% of the world, haha… (you guys are the special 10%!! ;))

Post #2: Allow me to Re-Introduce myself, My Name is J. Money (OH! J-to-The-Moneyyy!) — See what’s been going down with my $$$ and life and all kinds of other things the past two years! Also a nice recap of who I am if you’re new here to the list or don’t know much about my blog or past projects..

Post #3: This is the most exciting one!! We’re bringing back our long sold-out T-SHIRTS!!! The popular “I’m Bringing Budgets Back.”, along with two new designs: “Mother Budgeter.” and “I Like Big Budgets and Cannot Lie.” Lol… They come in all different styles and colors, and priced as low as almost possible to be sure to always *ahem* fit within your budget.

Here are some of the designs:

i like big budgets and cannot lie


Big love to Dave from Accidental FIRE for partnering up with me on these and then getting them out the door in lightning speed…

As soon as I saw my old “I’m Bringing Budgets Back.” graphic the other week I immediately wondered what it would take to actually bring the *shirts* back too, and knowing he runs a killer FIRE shop on Amazon I tapped him for advice and we decided to go in together on these.

So without him these wouldn’t exist – so thanks dude!!

Check out the new shop here (via Amazon):
Budgets Are Sexy Store

In other welcoming news, I finally got my infusions scheduled out so I can start managing this disease more solidly now, and while it’s yet another month away at least we’re up and rolling now!!! The maddening part of it though was that my files had been on her desk just sitting there because she couldn’t find my weight to get insurance approved and the right dosage/etc, and then it dawned on her that she could just pick up the phone and call me, and within two hours we had it scheduled and approved and ready to go 🙃

Trying to be grateful, but man — people treat us patients like paperwork but we’re real life human beings (who are suffering, mind you!!!) and waiting anxiously each passing day for news of things!! And then to just callously brush it off with an “oops, sorry – I should have called earlier” just adds salt in your blistering wounds, lol..

But whatever… Life is good and we are moving on!!! :)

Check out the shirts, check out the new posts, and then grab yourself a large latte over the weekend and enjoy the best posts from around the community down below…

Thanks for being here and all your support this week!! I’ve felt it! 💙

j money signature

PS: We’re not making much on the shirts, but we’ll have to find a fun way to use the profits For Good somehow, like maybe re-starting our old Community Fund or something around those likes… Open to ideas!!


Favorite Reads This Week:

Minimal on Purpose @ No Sidebar – “Emptiness requires us to either face or lose ourselves. A blank space on our wall or our calendar forces us to think about our options and figure out what to do with that space. A quiet interlude compels us to look within ourselves and perhaps deal with an issue we’ve been avoiding.”

The Four Paths of Retirement @ The Retirement Manifesto – “We found that survey respondents in the heart of retirement divide into four distinct groups, characterized by their attitudes and ambitions, their circumstances and retirement preparations, and their level of enjoyment of life in retirement.”

The Simple Reason Why Renting Will Save You Money @ Kate Horrell – “When you rent, you never pay more than you rent each month. When you buy a house, you never pay less than your mortgage each month.”

Explained: The Benefits of Inflation! @ Mantaro Money – “If inflation makes things more expensive, then it stands that those who own those things will see their value increase. Productive assets (businesses and property) typically outpace inflation. Therefore, inflation punishes consumers and rewards owners… which are you?”

What is Cash Stuffing? #cashstuffing @ Wallet Hacks – “Have you heard of this latest TikTok “craze” called cash stuffing?  The term is new but the strategy isn’t – even if you’ve never heard of cash stuffing, chances are you’ve heard of the strategy.  It’s been around for ages and it’s a solid approach, it just hasn’t gone viral because no one came up with a clever name. 🙂”

Chart: Every S&P 500 Bear and Bull Market in History @ My Money Blog – “Takeaway: You should always be prepared for a drop of 50% in your stock holdings. Enduring such uncomfortable volatility is the price of investing in stocks, and if you don’t pay it, you don’t get the full returns.”

At Death’s Door with a Dollar in My Pocket @ Poor. Choices. – “Here’s a thought experiment with which I have thought about experimenting. When I die, I will give my child one dollar along with a link to this article (or rather a link to my digital home in the metaverse where an NFT of this article will await them on my holo desk).”


Communities / Meetups Around The Space

A reader recently asked what communities were around the space for like-minded financially-focused people, so I shot him the following list which include both in-person local meetups, as well as online forum type meetings. All of which are generally positive and helpful, so maybe worth looking into for you too?


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