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Good morning!!

THAT was a fast week, wasn’t it???!

I swear we’re getting older and older FAST up in here, lol… Sometimes I don’t know if I should just give up on working and start enjoying it all more in case I die today, or if I should keep going so Future Me can enjoy more of the fruits of my labor :) Though who am I kidding – I kinda don’t work much anyways these days so perhaps it’s more about just *appreciating* stuff more, haha…

Speaking of appreciating and death though – I had my follow up appointment w/ the Pemphigus specialist this week, and he said I’m looking fantastic!! There’s no scarring in my mouth or throat where the blisters were, my body’s coping well with all the medicines, my blood work looks great, and if all continues to go well over the next few months I won’t have to do the next batch of infusions come January.

And I haven’t had a single blister pop up in months!

So things are looking up in the health department these days… Though sadly I’m no longer high as a kite and full of obnoxious energy like I once was months ago, lol… I’m now down to 10mg/day of steroids vs 80 and definitely noticing the difference :) Though I can do without all the additional weight gain it’s spurred – I’m now 20 lbs overweight and can’t stop eating!!

Anyways, hope things are well and healthy with you over there, and I hope you enjoy the smattering of blog posts I’ve highlighted for you below 🙏🙏

Oh – and if you haven’t already entered the 401(k) $1,000 contest from the other week, make sure to get your entries in! It’ll soon be closing up and the odds are def. in your favor as they are giving out THREE awards of $1,000 each (!). Make it happen!!


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Posts on Budgets this week:

$10 or Under? Get it. — A money rule I have that keeps me sane! If something makes me happy or feel good (or look good), and costs $10 or under, I will buy it every time and not feel bad about it.

11 Reasons I Bought a Cemetery Plot Even Though I’m Still Very Much Alive — It’s true! I bought a cemetery plot at 40 years old and love so much that I did… Your turn next, please, so we can be death-pals! ☠️☠️☠️

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Favorites Around The Community:

latin thunder

My Side Hustle (As a Professional Wrestler) @ The Humble Dollar – “Today, landing a wrestling contract is no longer the only route to financial success. In the last 10 years, a new type of professional wrestler has emerged—the true independent. They can make a living on the independent scene, or at least enough that they only require a part-time job to supplement their pay. ”

An Open Letter to the Dutch East India Company @ Poor. Choices. – “It’s the only place I know where the longer you stay, the wealthier you become. I can’t say the same for Target, the strip club, or any of my trips to a casino. It’s one giant real-time measurement of the world’s hopes and dreams, opinions, emotions, and predictions.”

10 Numbers That Will Change Your Investing Perspective @ Mantaro Money  – “0. Nought. Nothing. Nada. That is the amount of times the S&P 500 (the de-facto proxy for the global stock market) has provided a negative return over any 20 year period since 1926. To use another number to illustrate the point: 100%. The S&P 500 has provided a positive return over any 20 year period since 1926 100% of the time.“

Bank Bonuses That I Do Every Year @ Financial Panther — “Here are the bank bonuses I do every year. Some of the bonuses are more advanced than others or require a bit more thinking and planning, but all of them are generally doable for most people.”

How I Earned $75,000 By Dumping Health Insurance Without Losing Healthcare (or peace of mind) @ 1500 Days – “I’ve been intrigued by health care sharing organizations for a long time. They’re a way to get health care and avoid most of the nastiness that comes with Big Insurance. However, many of them come with compromises or strange rules. Why should health care be tied to religious beliefs? A couple of years ago, my good friend Bill told me about a non-religious (secular), health care sharing organization called Sedera. I grilled him for a while, trying to poke holes in the organization or find The Catch, but it turned out that Sedera is the real deal.”

This Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Recession @ Surviving and Thriving — “When the going gets tough, it’s tempting to invoke our grandparents and their tribulations during the Great Depression. I’m about to commit cultural heresy: A lot of their advice wouldn’t help us.”

Cemetery Plot Real Estate Flip is Successful @ REIClub — “One day I was looking through Craigslist and saw that there were ads for Cemetery Plots for sale by owners. I looked at one which was valued at $2900, but the owner was asking $1900. I immediately realized that the owner was motivated. I thought, what a great way to start practicing, so I researched the value and verified that it was worth $2900. I called and offered $1500.”

Most People Won’t @ – “Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything.”


Podcasts of The Week:

I was on two podcasts this week :)

the financial griot

Budgets Are Very Sexy! Feat. J. Money @ The Financial Griot — “TFG is back from FinCon 2022 and the hype is real! Today’s episode the crew chats with J. Money (Budgets Are Sexy). J. Money is a successful blogger and entrepreneur; one of the pioneers of financial transparency in the digital space. We discuss his journey starting his blog Budgets Are Sexy to owning back his time by retiring. And sharing his thoughts on the value of financial happiness. Pay close attention to how Alainta is fangirl-ing.”


good cents podcast

J. Money on “Why Net Worth Tracking, Goal-Setting, and Budgets, are Sexy” @ Good Cents podcast — “On this episode of Good Cents, we’re tackling BIG money questions. What is the point of money if you don’t know what to do with it? How easy is it to save your first ten thousand dollars? What do you do after you saved it? Eric speaks with J. Money of Budgets are Sexy about why you should start tracking your net worth, strategies to start saving your first $10,000, and how to get started as a beginner investor. J. Money even gives Payactiv listeners exclusive access to helpful spreadsheets on his site to help you get started.”


Reminder of The Week:

glittering love

(Thx to Nate St. Pierre for this!)


Have a great weekend!

You’re so much more than you think you are 🙌


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